Prices in Chernivtsi - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Chernivtsi

Prices in Chernivtsi

Prices in Chernivtsi

The town of Chernivtsi is located in Predkarpattya, occupying the right bank of the Prut River. This is the historical center of Bukovina and the administrative center of the Chernivtsi region. The city is famous for its interesting architecture and beautiful nature. We will tell you about the prices in Chernivtsi for tourist services.

Excursion programs

Arriving on vacation in Chernivtsi, tourists can explore the local history and culture. There are cathedrals, churches, theaters, beautiful municipal buildings. Various architectural styles are represented in the city. If you like interesting architecture and coziness, then in Chernivtsi you will like.
There are especially many tourists in Chernivtsi in summer. They travel around the Carpathians and make sightseeing tours of the city and its surroundings. Winter holidays are usually skiing in the Carpathians. A tour to Chernivtsi for 2 days costs from 1500 rubles. A walking tour of the city with a visit to the Museum of Local Lore costs 800 rubles. Tourists visit the complex of Chernivtsi University, where the residence of the Metropolitans of Bukovina was earlier. The entrance to the territory of the complex is shareware. You can enter the educational buildings only as part of an excursion group. The cost of an excursion to Chernivtsi University is 100 rubles. In Chernivtsi, attention is paid to the Philharmonic Square and Teatralnaya Square. There is an avenue of stars near the city theater. The city has a botanical garden, in the T.G. Shevchenko Park.

Housing prices

Rest in Chernivtsi is inexpensive. In the city, you can choose a comfortable apartment, a hotel room or rent a room in a private owner. There are also good cottages in Chernivtsi. A single standard room in a hotel costs 700 rubles. The popular Kiev hotel is located in the city center, which has been hosting tourists for over 100 years. Its building is considered an architectural monument. The cost of rooms there starts from 1,500 rubles. For parking they ask for 60 rubles per day. A double room in middle class hotels can be rented for 600-1200 rubles. You can rent a room in a hotel near Chernivtsi for 1000 rubles. It is better to book a place in the hotel before the trip..

Where to eat for a tourist

In restaurants and cafes, prices are affordable. Visiting the inn, you can taste the Western Ukrainian food - hominy. Dinner at a restaurant won't hit your wallet. The hotel and restaurant complex "Dvorik" offers delicious meals at affordable prices. The average check there is 730 rubles. Almost every cafe in the city prepares pizza. Especially delicious Italian dishes are made in the Paradiso cafe-pizzeria, on Franco street.


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