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Traditional Brazilian Cuisine

Traditional Brazilian Cuisine

Food in Brazil is characterized by the fact that the local cuisine will delight you with spicy and spicy dishes, many of the recipes of which were borrowed from the ancient Indians..

Since food is relatively inexpensive in Brazil, here you can shop and cook yourself or have a snack in local cafes without harming your wallet..

Food in Brazil

Brazilian cuisine has been influenced by African, Native American and Portuguese culinary traditions.

The Brazilian diet consists of fish, seafood, meat (beef, chicken, pork), vegetables, legumes, exotic fruits (guava, graviola, kazhu, melancia, tucuma, cupuacu), rice, spices (hot peppers, garlic, local herbs).

Residents of the northern part of the country prefer to cook takaka and tukupi (a mixture of pasta, shrimp juice, jumbo and cassava flour). In the northeastern regions, salted meat dried in the sun ("carne de sol") is popular, in the western regions - fried pork (lombo de porko) and crocodile dishes, and in the southeastern regions - dried cod, shrimp couscous and cornmeal as well as fried sardines.

In Brazil, try the stewed turtle (guazado de tartaruga); duck cooked in a thick sauce with cassava and herbs (pato no tucupi); a dish of various types of meat, beans, spices and cassava flour ("feijoada"); pork liver or heart with vegetables ("sarapata"); garlic soup with shrimps ("takaka"); meat kebab with vegetable sauce ("shurasko").

And those with a sweet tooth will be delighted with various cakes and pastries made with local fruits (passionfruit or guava cake, banana cake or cake based on chocolate and coconut milk).

Where to eat in Brazil? At your service:

  • cafes and restaurants serving local and international cuisine;
  • shurraskariya (restaurants serving dishes from various types of meat, grilled with all kinds of marinades);
  • Akilo restaurants (food per kilogram);
  • eateries and restaurants of local and international fast food chains.

Drinks in Brazil

Popular Brazilian drinks include coffee, mate (herbal tea), coconut water, guarana (a Brazilian soft drink made from guarana berries), cachasa (local vodka made from sugarcane), beer.

In Brazil you can taste local (Skol, Brahma, Original, Caracu, Serra Malte) and international beers (Heineken, Stella Artois).

In local bars, visitors are offered to purchase both canned and draft beer.

Food tour to Brazil

Gastronomic hunters can head to the Brazilian Food Festival, where you will experience the diversity of Brazilian cuisine as you sample gourmet cuisine from the finest chefs.

Excursions, surfing, diving, windsurfing, night parties by the water, festival events ... Tourists come here not only for this, but also for delicious and varied national dishes.

Photos of Brazilian national dishes

  • Traditional Brazilian Cuisine
  • Traditional Brazilian Cuisine
  • Traditional Brazilian Cuisine