Bus tours to Croatia. The cost of bus tours in Croatia 2016

Bus tours to Croatia

Bus tours to Croatia

Traveling to Croatia is a unique opportunity to combine a visit to places of historical importance with a wonderful vacation on the Adriatic coast. Most of all, of course, tourists in Croatia are impressed by the magnificent nature: mountains, waterfalls, lakes, dense coniferous and mixed forests and the cleanest air. The coast of the Adriatic Sea attracts lovers of seasonal holidays from all over Europe, and the hospitality of the local population makes your stay in Croatia pleasant and memorable for a long time..

Bus tours to Croatia will help you not only have a good look at this amazing country, but also nicely save money. During the trip, you will be able to take a good look at the local landscape, get acquainted with the mentality of the Croats, make new acquaintances and get an unforgettable experience..

Croatia beaches

If you are planning a trip to Croatia in order to relax on the coast, then you can order the corresponding tour. Of course, it is advisable not to stop only on a beach holiday, but to visit some cultural places, enjoy the grandeur of local architectural monuments. Everyone will be able to ride a yacht, alternate swimming in sea water with splashing in lakes and springs, and also experience all the delights «wild» recreation. There are 1185 islands off the coast of the Adriatic Sea, which can be viewed from a yacht or jet ski. Holidays in Croatia will leave the most pleasant impressions, and the desire to come here again will never leave you.

Unique atmosphere of Croatia

Not only nature and beaches are worthy of your attention, but also Croatian cities, which boast well-groomed streets and an abundance of attractions. Some parts of local cities are very reminiscent of the Middle Ages, both in atmosphere and in architectural design. Small fishing villages will touch you with their ingenuousness, and cozy bays will amaze you with the number of seagulls and beautiful yachts. Croatia combines both charming authentic villages and the last blessings of civilization, so that the trip will be very interesting.

Variety of tours and their cost

Most often, traveling to Croatia involves moving not only by bus. Most likely, you will have to travel a certain part of the journey by train, or take one flight. The cheapest tour costs around 370 euros excluding additional costs that may arise during the trip.

A bus tour is a great opportunity to get the maximum experience at a very pleasant price, and you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity.

Croatia - sights and cities

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