Coat of arms of Jordan: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Jordan

If you carefully consider the coat of arms of Jordan, you can see how Western European heraldic traditions and ancient symbols of the East are successfully combined in it. On the one hand, a royal crown of precious metals was used to crown the composition, on the other hand, the main symbol is the eagle, which is extremely popular in oriental symbolism..

Description of the Jordanian coat of arms

The main official emblem of the state consists of two parts. One of them is the Jordanian crown and purple royal mantle lined with silver fur. It is beautifully draped around the compositional core, which consists of the following elements:

  • a round shield and an azure disc protruding from behind it;
  • an eagle with wide-spread wings;
  • flags of Arab rebels;
  • various types of weapons;
  • palm branch and ears of wheat;
  • Order of the Renaissance 1st class and sash.

Emblem symbolism

The Hashemite crown and royal mantle are signs that directly indicate that Jordan is a kingdom. In addition, the crown is adorned with emeralds and rubies, symbols of the country's wealth. Along the top of the hoop are five golden lotus flowers, an ancient heraldic symbol of purity and innocence.

The mantle on the coat of arms of Jordan is evidence of the royal throne. Its colors are traditional: the top is dark red (purple), the bottom is snow-white. This color, like the lotus, is a symbol of purity. Gold fringe and the same color cords speak of the wealth of the royal family.

The flags on the left and right of the central shield remind of the Great Arab Revolt. On the official page of Abdullah II, King of Jordan, there is an accurate description of the flags and the ratio of the parts of each of them, namely the length and width of the panel, the dimensions of the base and the flagpole.

The bronze shield on the coat of arms of Jordan has a round shape, this is no coincidence, since it symbolizes the globe, and the azure disc above it is the spread of the Muslim religion across the planet. Another Muslim symbol is an eagle, a sign of courage, greatness, strength.

The main symbol of the kingdom contains elements reminiscent of war and peace. The first includes various types of weapons, including bows and arrows, spears, sabers. These are the traditional types of cold weapons of the ancient Jordanians who defended their freedom and independence. Wheat and palm branch speak of the state's desire to live in peace with close and distant neighbors.