Holidays in Mexico in September: prices and weather. Where to relax in Mexico in September

Holidays in Mexico in September

Holidays in Mexico in September

Is September the right month to travel to Mexico? What weather conditions should be expected?

Weather in Mexico in September

The climate of Mexico is diverse, so it is important to decide on a destination and carefully read the weather forecast. In one part of the state, there may be pleasant sunny weather, and at a distance of only 200 kilometers - inclement.

The average air temperature is from +20 to +30 degrees, as it depends on the region. In Acapulco, the air warms up to + 32C, and in Mexico City - up to + 23C. In Cancun, it can be + 27C in September. You should be prepared for the fact that in September there are often rainy days. As you know, Mexico is subject to storms and hurricanes. At the same time, one cannot assume that September will be an exception. However, if you are planning a vacation in Acapulco, you can tune in to pleasant weather.

Holidays and festivals in Mexico in September

Holidays in Mexico in September is an opportunity to visit a public holiday and a spectacular festival. So, what activities will make your leisure time interesting?

  • From September 16 to September 22, the Yucatan International Filmaya Festival is held annually, which is dedicated to the multifaceted Mayan culture. Events take place in the administrative center of Merida and several other cities. Anyone can get to know the natural features of the regions where the Maya used to live, see religious sites and residential buildings, and attend costume exhibitions. Within the framework of the festival, it is customary to conduct excursions to the sights of Yucatan, museum centers and archaeological sites, organize performances by folk groups. The pastime can be intense and interesting..
  • Independence Day is traditionally celebrated in Mexico on September 16. People try to celebrate the holiday on a grand scale. It is important to note that it is customary to start the official part of congratulations and celebrations on September 15th. Nowadays, on the night of September 15-16, performances are held in the squares of the cities of Mexico, which reflect the history of the struggle of the Mexican people for the state to be recognized as independent. Mexicans in national costumes come to the main squares, photographers offer their services, mariachi perform funny songs. The climax is the moment when people shout: "Viva, Mexico" and fireworks are organized.

Visit Mexico in September for pleasant weather, long walks and cultural activities!

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  • Holidays in Mexico in September
  • Holidays in Mexico in September