What to take to Mexico. What things and medicines to take with you to Mexico

What to take to Mexico

What to take to Mexico

If you decide to look at the Mexican landscapes, get ready for an enchanting experience. This country is considered the cradle of ancient civilizations, so you will find a lot of interesting things there. What to take to Mexico to make your trip comfortable? This question is answered by our article..

Documents are the most important thing

First, make copies of all your documents. You must take originals and copies with you. In this case, you can only carry a copy of your passport with you. Mexico is a country with a high crime rate. You can be stopped on the street by a police patrol in order to check your documents. Therefore, a photocopy of your passport should always be at hand. On the trip you need to take cash and a bank card. In an emergency, you can withdraw money from the card.

What to put in your suitcase

Before leaving, you should check with the airline's representatives for the maximum allowed baggage weight. Try not to exceed this figure. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra for surplus items. Also, leave some space in your suitcase for souvenirs you might want to buy in Mexico. Don't bring fancy clothes with you. It is enough to put a swimsuit and a couple of simple things in a suitcase. Even expensive restaurants are not addicted to a strict dress code. Light dresses, sundresses, T-shirts and shorts are allowed everywhere. For a beach holiday, flip flops or sandals are suitable. The beaches in Mexico are clean, so it is comfortable to walk there and barefoot. Comfortable shoes come in handy for visiting attractions and parks. Keep in mind that you will have to carry your suitcase yourself. It is best to take a suitcase on wheels. Mandatory attributes of vacationers in Mexico are a hat, sunglasses and sunburn cream. The sun is very active in this country. If you get burned on the beach in the early days, your vacation will be ruined..

Tourist's first aid kit

Medicines must be taken to Mexico without fail. In addition to the medications that you use regularly, bring along medications for headaches, pain relievers, and medications for indigestion. Thus, your medicine cabinet should contain analgin, aspirin, no-spa, activated charcoal, imodium and other medicines. Also take wet wipes, a bandage, iodine, and a patch. The drug you need to stay healthy at all times must come with a prescription. In this case, the recipe must be translated into English and certified by a notary. This will prevent possible problems when crossing the border..

Other important things

The most necessary things for tourists are a telephone, a camera, a phrasebook, an adapter for an outlet. You should not take equipment with you, as the voltage in the network is often insufficient. Using our recommendations, you will quickly and easily prepare for your trip.

Photos of necessary things

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