Barcelona beaches: photo. The best sandy beaches in Barcelona (Spain)

Barcelona beaches

Barcelona beaches

Barcelona's beaches are most in demand from March to mid-October. More than 4 km of the entire coastline has been adapted for recreation here: it has been cleaned, built up and made visually attractive. Absolutely all the beaches of Barcelona in 2013 were awarded the Blue Flag award, which confirms the high level of local service and relaxation comfort..

Tourists choose beaches depending on which area of ​​the city they decide to stay in. We can say that every third beach in Barcelona boasts perfect sand, stunning infrastructure and a huge number of proposals in the field of water and sports entertainment. It is noteworthy that almost every local beach can be easily reached by public transport, spending a completely symbolic amount of money. The best sandy beaches in Barcelona are so close to the city center that you can even reach them by bike. The entrance to the local beaches is free, but the rental of beach equipment will cost on average 5-7 euros per day. It should also be noted that the beaches of Barcelona do not imply the presence of changing cabins, so vacationers have to solve this problem on their own..

San Miguel - Barcelona's oldest beach

San Miguel is located to the right of another equally popular beach in the city, Barceloneta. It got its name in honor of the port of St. Michael, which was built here in 1755. The spirit of the history of Spain is felt here in every stone, besides, there is something to see here. The services provided by the employees of San Miguel are of high quality, so your stay here will be as pleasant as possible. Just behind San Miguel is San Sebastian.

Magnificent Barceloneta

Barceloneta is considered one of the 9 most popular beaches in Barcelona. We can say that this beach is located in the very center of the city, which is why it is easiest to get to it for a tourist who does not understand local routes and directions. Getting to Barceloneta is very easy: you just need to find a metro station with a similar name on the map, and from there it will be possible to reach the beach in 15-20 minutes at a slow pace. Of course, vacationers will find here a full range of services that will make their stay comfortable and unforgettable. The very fact that you are on holiday in Barcelona will caress your pride, and the local sand and gentle waves will only enhance the overall pleasant experience.. 

Popular beaches in Barcelona also include:

  • Somorostro;
  • Nova Ikaria;
  • Rich man;
  • Mar Bella;
  • Levant.

Rest on the beaches of Barcelona will appeal to both single travelers and those who like to relax with a noisy, cheerful company..

Photos of Barcelona beaches

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  • Barcelona beaches