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Tours to Barcelona

Tours to Barcelona

Barcelona has a lot of tourist and just advantages. It is a major European port on the Mediterranean Sea and an important Spanish trade center. The city was the home of the greatest architect Antoni Gaudí, and his unique legacy is an important part of all Barcelona tours. There is also a football team of the same name in Barça, the most important part of a vacation or weekend spent in the capital of the province of Catalonia for many fans..

History with geography

Barcelona is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and therefore one of its important tourist destinations is a beach holiday. The city hills add a special flavor to the landscape, and the most picturesque views can be seen from the observation decks on the hills of Carmel, Rovira and Montjuïc..
Historians put forward several hypotheses about the time of the city's foundation, but the participants of tours to Barcelona like the legend that it was founded by the ancient hero Hercules long before the appearance of Ancient Rome. One way or another, but the Romans appeared here only in the II century BC, when Barcelona already existed in full.

Briefly about the important

  • The Mediterranean climate confidently guarantees the participants of the tour to Barcelona comfortable and warm weather throughout the entire calendar year. Winters are mild and dry and especially suitable for sightseeing, and late spring is a good time for beach activities. At the peak of the summer season, the water on the beaches warms up to +25 degrees, and the swimming season successfully lasts until mid-October.
  • The capital of Catalonia ranks sixth among the cities of the Old World in popularity among the tourist fraternity. There are hundreds of hotels and hostels for every taste and different income. You can find an inexpensive hotel room in the city center, especially since there are plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can eat outside the hotel in Barça.
  • The international airport is located just ten kilometers from the city and the easiest way to get from it to the center is by bus or train..
  • When going on a tour to Barcelona, ​​it is important to have an understanding of public transport. Taxis in the capital of Catalonia are quite budgetary, but getting around on the Barcelona metro is much more profitable both in terms of money and time. Many subway stations are directly adjacent to underground suburban train stations, so transfers can be done quickly and easily.



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