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Independent travel to Salou

Independent travel to Salou

The Spanish resort town of Salou is popular with a wide variety of tourists. Here you can meet married couples with children, and advanced youth, and fans of privacy and tranquility. Strange, but true: they all find their beaches, restaurants to their liking and evening entertainment according to their needs..

When to go to Salou?

The beach season in Salou begins in mid-May, when the air warms up to +25 degrees. However, the most impatient ones begin to sunbathe and swim in April: in calm weather, the sun really gets hot, and the water pleasantly refreshes. The last fans of beach holidays are in no hurry to leave Salou even at the end of October, because it is on these days that the temperature of the water and air is practically equalized, which makes the rest especially comfortable.

How to get to Salou?

The nearest airports are located in Barcelona or Reus. The flight from the capital of Russia takes about four hours, and the transfer from the airport takes an hour and half an hour, respectively. Tourists move around the town mainly on foot, since the distances here are short. In addition, small tourist trains and buses run through Salou to the remote bay of Cap Salou..

Housing issue

Hotels in Salou, as in any resort place, differ in the number of services provided, distance from the sea and the availability of various in-hotel options. They have one thing in common - the same level of service and comfort. That is why fans of walking to the beach and lovers of lunch and dinner outside the hotel have a chance to book a room in advance at a nice price..

Argue about tastes

Sangria and paella are the two main pillars of the local cuisine, and the leaders in the number ordered from the menu of any restaurant in Salou. Breakfasts here are hearty and tasty, and for dinner you can treat yourself to fresh seafood, national Spanish dishes and great ice cream for dessert. Prices in all restaurants and the quality of service differ very slightly, and therefore the choice usually depends on the location and interior.

Informative and fun

The main attraction of Salou, in addition to the sea and beaches, is the famous Port Aventura amusement park, which is considered one of the largest in the Old World. Fans of quiet excursions to historical and architectural sights buy train tickets to Tarragona - a city with its Colosseum and an old cathedral.

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