New York subway: diagram, description, photo. New York subway map

New York subway: map, photo, description

New York subway mapNew York subway map
Despite the fact that almost half of the tracks of the New York subway are located on the surface, Americans call the New York subway "subway". Today, the New York subway is one of the oldest and largest subways in the world. Its annual passenger traffic is approaching two billion..
Due to the fact that trains run on several lines, the New York subway does not close for a technical break and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For the same reasons, regular trains stopping at each station and express trains can run on the same route. For the convenience of passengers, they have different platforms and the color of the route sign (express trains have red signs).

New York subway lines and stations

The total number of New York metro stations (with transfer stations) is 468, the number of lines is 24, the length of the tracks is 1,355 km (of which 1,056 km are used to transport passengers).
The first subway line in New York was opened in 1904. However, its forerunner, the aerial city railway line with cable car traction, appeared in 1868. Three years later, steam locomotives appeared, and by 1890 the world's first electric locomotives. On October 27, 1904, City Hall Station was inaugurated, the first station of the modern New York subway, currently closed, but accessible for inspection by passengers on Route 6, whose trains make a U-turn at the Brooklyn Bridge terminus..
Most New York subway stations do not have common entrances or a common platform for trains traveling in opposite directions. Therefore, passengers are forced to pay for the fare twice if, inadvertently, they pass, in theory, to their station, but to the platform with the wrong direction, or when they miss their stop and try to return to the previous station.
The names of the stations help to navigate the city, because they all have names corresponding to the objects near which they are located. However, due to the fact that different boroughs (boroughs) of New York have the same street names, the station names are repeated. For this reason, in order to avoid mistakes, to indicate a particular station, its name is usually used together with the route number..

New York subway tickets

You can buy tickets for the New York City subway either from the station attendant or at automatic MetroCard terminals. Ticket terminals have menus in several languages, accept cash and plastic cards, issue a check and change. You can buy a Pay-Per-Ride card for one trip with bus-metro transfers within 2 hours after the first trip, a SingleRide card for a trip within 2 hours without transfers or an Unlimited-Ride card for multiple rides, which can be used once per 18 minutes to pay for the metro or bus.
The main problems of the New York subway are garbage, graffiti and rats. The authorities are trying to fight them - but due to poor funding, the fight has not yet been crowned with success.

Photos of the New York subway

  • New York subway mapNew York subway map
  • New York subway: map, photo, description
  • New York subway: map, photo, description
  • New York subway: map, photo, description
  • New York subway: map, photo, description
  • New York subway: map, photo, description