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Tours to New York

Tours to New York

The Big Apple and the capital of the world are the unofficial names for the largest city in the United States of America. When booking tours to New York, you can be sure that the trip will be remembered forever and will give amazing impressions and vivid emotions.

History with geography

Founded in the 17th century by Dutch colonists, the city has since changed significantly, and a huge metropolitan area has grown on the site of a settlement on the southern tip of Manhattan Island, in which at least 20 million people live..
There are five large boroughs in New York, among which Manhattan stands out. It is on this island that the main museums and architectural sights, department stores and concert halls, art galleries and monuments are located.

Briefly about the important

  • When booking tours to New York, it is important to determine the area of ​​residence. The city is truly huge, and the choice of hotels in it is the widest both in terms of prices and in terms of location. All hotels in the center are quite expensive, and even for a night on a bed in a hostel, you will have to pay a round sum. If the material side matters, it makes sense to book a hotel room in Brooklyn, Bronx or Queens. Inexpensive hotels can also be found in the neighboring state of New Jersey, which is located across Upper Bay and the Hudson River..
  • For an inexpensive bite to eat in Manhattan, visit the Starbucks chain of coffee shops or sandwich eateries. If the place belongs to Italians, you can safely choose pizza as a dish for lunch. It will be quite "Italian" with a thin crust and high-quality fillers.
  • Going on tours to New York for shopping, it is worth considering the time of year. The best purchases can be found during the sales weeks, which begin in the US after Thanksgiving and continue until New Years. Large department stores often offer special discounts for foreign tourists. Information can be specified at the "i" counters, and at the ticket office - present the foreigner's passport.
  • You can look at the Big Apple from the height of the aircraft corridors not only on the Empire observation deck. The queue there, as a rule, exceeds all conceivable sizes. There are much fewer people who want to climb one of the skyscrapers of Rockefeller Center, and it is from there that a magnificent view of Manhattan opens, in which the Empire itself is present.
  • Those wishing to take the best photos of the city should book a tour to New York in October. At this time, Central Park is colored with bright autumn colors, and therefore the photo sessions are especially picturesque..


  • Tours to New York
  • Tours to New York