How long is it to fly from Washington to Moscow? Time of flight Washington - Moscow

How long to fly from Washington to Moscow?

How long is it to fly from Washington to Moscow?

On vacation in Washington, you managed to walk along the National Mall, see the White House, the Library of Congress, the Lincoln Memorial, visit Rock Creek Park, the Botanical Gardens and Zoo, Butterfly Garden, the Hirschhorn Museum and the "Arena Stage" arts center, spend time in golf the Langston, the Remingtons, Heavenand Hell, and Fur? And at the moment you are wondering how much time you will spend in flight, going back to Moscow?

How many to fly from Washington to Moscow (direct flight)?

7800 km is the distance between the capitals of Russia and the USA (the flight will take about 10 hours). So, with Aeroflot you will land at Sheremetyevo 9.5 hours after takeoff.

If you are interested in buying a cheap air ticket, you should familiarize yourself with the prices in advance. For example, in May you can get a ticket Washington-Moscow at a price of 28,000 rubles (the average price is 33,100 rubles).

Flight Washington-Moscow with transfers

You can fly home by connecting in Paris, Zurich, London, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Detroit or other cities.

If on the way home there is one change in New York (Aeroflot, Delta Airlines), then you will be home in 16.5 hours, in Paris (Air France) in 14 hours, in Madrid (Iberia ") - after 31 hours, in Amsterdam (" KLM ") - after 30 hours, in Abu Dhabi (" Etihad Airways ") - after 38 hours.

If there are two connections planned, then, for example, stops in New York and Dubai will extend your air trip by 56 hours (before the 1st connection you will have 15 hours in reserve, and before the 2nd - 18.5 hours).

Carrier selection

You can return home on airliners (Airbus A 380-800, Embraer RJ 135, Boeing 777-200, Airbus A 330) operated by the following companies: Aeroflot; United Airlines; Delta Airlines; "Jet Blue"; Virgin Atlantic Airways.

The Washington-Moscow flight is operated by Dulles Washington Airport (IAD), located 40 km from the city. The airport has ATMs, duty free shops, bank offices, luggage storage rooms, catering establishments, a massage parlor, a business center, a children's room, and paid Internet. It is worth noting that smoking is allowed here only outside the main terminal and in the smoking areas.

What to do in flight?

The duration of the flight allows you to sleep, read literature and finally decide who to present gifts bought in Washington, in the form of souvenir flags, jewelry, decorative dishes, products with the image of a panda and the seal of the US president, bobleheads (dolls with bouncing heads), "spies" souvenirs (night vision goggles, tie equipped with a hidden camera), wooden boxes, wickerwork, copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


  • How long is it to fly from Washington to Moscow?
  • How long is it to fly from Washington to Moscow?
  • How long is it to fly from Washington to Moscow?