USA trains. Train tickets in the USA

USA Trains

USA Trains

Rail transport in the United States is inferior in popularity to air transport. In many cases, it is cheaper and more convenient to travel by plane than by train. The railway in the country is not being modernized, so the number of passenger traffic on it decreases every year. Traveling by train is recommended for every tourist. After all, this will allow him to slowly feel the flavor of the country.

Features of railway transport

US trains are owned by the state carrier Amtrak. The availability of tickets can be viewed on the website of this company You can buy tickets online or at the box office. The site contains an interactive map of the railway.

The cost of tickets is determined by the level of desired comfort, departure time and the number of hours on the way. It is best to book your ticket a month before your planned trip to save money. The train schedule in the country is published on the website of the national carrier Amtrak, which acts as a railway monopoly..

What seats are offered to passengers on trains

Trains in the USA are distinguished by different degrees of comfort. By purchasing a ticket with accommodation in a compartment, the passenger pays separately for the compartment and for himself. The cars have not only compartments, but also reserved seats. The cheapest tickets provide seating with comfortable reclining chairs. There are also luxury carriages. Long-distance trains are equipped with dining cars. But food prices in them are quite high..

In the compartment carriages you can find a shower, air conditioner and toilet. Water, coffee, newspapers are delivered to the compartment at the request of the client. In addition, passengers can use Wi-Fi. The luxury compartment is additionally equipped with an armchair, washbasin and toilet. Therefore, the fare there is much higher than in a regular compartment. Passengers on the trains are offered compartments for two or four people. Ticket prices include bed linen and meals. In the first case, the ticket will cost about $ 350, in the second, each passenger will have to spend $ 600 per trip. Traveling on the popular Washington-New York rail route will cost approximately $ 100 with a seat ticket. A berth in a reserved seat will cost about $ 300.

Foreigners in the United States are offered unlimited travel passes for a different number of days. Tourists should book places in advance, but they will no longer need to pay for a ticket. Information on ticket discounts is published weekly on the website. Tickets purchased under the promotion allow you to save money, but they cannot be exchanged or returned.

Train tickets in the United States are more expensive than bus tickets that travel on similar lines. Trains leave only from railway stations located in large settlements, which is not convenient for all passengers.


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