Tenerife for children - what to see. Where to go with your child in Tenerife

Tenerife for children

Tenerife for children

There are many resorts that can be visited with children. However, the most unforgettable city for children is Tenerife. This Spanish resort provides activities to suit children of all ages and interests. Tenerife has several main places that need to be included in the mandatory excursion program for family holidays. Visit desert landscapes, Teide volcano, gorgeous sandy beaches, parks.

Major parks in Tenerife

The resort is famous for its large selection of sightseeing tours. We will acquaint you with the main parks of the resort, where it will be especially interesting to go with children:

  • Loro Park is the most visited place by tourists, it has a huge collection of parrots and penguins, the park is famous for its programs with the participation of sea lions, dolphins, killer whales and parrots.
  • Orlov Park. Among the animals in this park are crocodiles, different types of felines, hippos, monkeys and many others. The show with birds of prey will not leave you indifferent either. There are fewer visitors in this park, which will give you the opportunity to take a calm walk. There are many green spaces, flowering trees, shrubs and cacti. In the park there is an opportunity to go through the rope lane.
  • Monkey Park. This park is especially popular with children. It is not very big, but it evokes a lot of positive emotions. Your child can feed monkeys and lemurs, watch hornbills and parrots, as well as various types of turtles.
  • Pueblo Chico Park is a miniature park. On the territory of the park there is a museum, which displays exhibits related to the history of the Canary aborigines and miniatures with the sights of the islands.

Water parks in Tenerife

A visit to water parks and a dolphinarium will surely interest a child. We will acquaint you with what to see with children in Tenerife from water entertainment. Aquapark «Siam» more suitable for schoolchildren, as there is a restriction on visiting attractions. Water activities are suitable for extreme lovers, but there are smaller slides and small waterfalls for kids. Not far away is located «Aqualand», which is much smaller in size but popular for its dolphin show.
For lovers of archeology and history, we recommend visiting the Pyramids of Guimar. There are several playgrounds and a magnificent garden for children.
A walk around the Teide volcano will amaze you with panoramic views, there is a beautiful view of the starry sky.


  • Tenerife for children
  • Tenerife for children