Prices in Guangzhou - food, souvenirs, transportation. How much money to take in Guangzhou

Prices in Guangzhou

Prices in Guangzhou

The famous city of South China is Guangzhou. It concentrates the economic, political and cultural processes of this region of the country. Guangzhou is the center of Guangdong province. It is a city with about 10 million people, both in Shanghai and Beijing. Despite its popularity, prices in Guangzhou remain affordable.

Where to stay for a tourist

In terms of living, Guangzhou is an inexpensive city. If you book a place in the hotel in advance, you can save on accommodation. The city accepts the national currency of China - the yuan. You can also pay for goods and services in US dollars..

A cheap hotel can be selected upon arrival. A 5 * hotel room can be rented for $ 120. Budget rooms are available in low-star hotels that offer simple service. A single room for two in such a hotel will cost no more than $ 30. The cheapest accommodation option is a hostel. A bed in a dormitory room will cost $ 8. You will have to pay $ 20 for a separate room. Another option for budget accommodation is the guesthouse. The cost of living there is higher, but the conditions are better.

Things to do in Guangzhou

The city is located in the subtropical zone. The warm and humid climate ensures good weather all year round. Guangzhou is home to a huge number of attractions. Main historical and cultural values ​​- Sun Yat-sen Museum, home «Zheenhailou», Chen family temple, etc. Excursion with a visit to Yuexiu Park and a cruise on the Pearl River Pearl costs $ 220 per person.

Shopping tours to Guangzhou are very popular, which cost $ 400 - $ 600 per person. Participants of such a tour are provided with accommodation with breakfast at the hotel, payment of travel expenses, guide services and a meeting at the airport. Visa, tickets, insurance, excursions, purchase of goods and customs costs are additional costs. Cognitive tour in Guangzhou can be ordered for $ 530 - $ 800.

Food in Guangzhou

Food prices are low. Drinking water of 1.5 liters costs $ 0.6, bread - $ 1.64, rice - $ 1.15. When staying at the hotel, breakfast can be included in the room rate. A tourist needs 250 yuan a day for food. There are many catering establishments in the city. If Chinese cuisine does not suit you, then you can dine in a restaurant with international cuisine or in a fast food establishment. You can dine at an inexpensive cafe for $ 3-5 per person.



  • Prices in Guangzhou
  • Prices in Guangzhou
  • Prices in Guangzhou