Food in Kazakhstan. Food prices in Kazakhstan: food

Traditional cuisine of Kazakhstan

Food in Kazakhstan is plentiful and inexpensive. Upon arrival in Kazakhstan, you should be careful in the early days, since traditional food is fatty and heavy for the stomach of Europeans..

Food in Kazakhstan

The main national dish of Kazakhs is beshbarmak: they cook it from horse meat, beef or lamb.
The diet of Kazakhs includes meat, vegetable, fish, dairy and flour dishes.
In Kazakhstan, you should definitely try local manti with lamb filling, lagman noodles, Kazakh shashlik, fish dish koktal, shurpa, local tandoor flat cakes.
If you do not want your vacation in Kazakhstan to go down the drain, do not eat on the street and in obscure eateries: stale food is often sold in kiosks and stalls.
You can eat in Kazakhstan in cafes found on every corner. It is worth going to one of the kebabs (teahouse), where you will be offered to taste dishes of oriental cuisine, climbing with your feet on special trestle beds.
If you would like to dine in a more comfortable environment, visit the restaurants. The restaurants of the Assorti chain deserve special attention - here you can eat relatively inexpensive dishes of French, Russian, Japanese and Kazakh cuisine, as well as listen to live music..

Drinks in Kazakhstan

Among the national drinks, shubat, kumis, ayran, kymyran play a special role in the life of Kazakhs (these non-alcoholic drinks made from fresh camel or mare's milk have a healing effect).

Gastronomic tour to Kazakhstan

Going to Kazakhstan as part of a gastronomic tour, any local restaurant will meet you with kindness, responsiveness and hospitality of the local population. First, you will be offered to drink ayran or koumiss, and then hot tea with cream or milk, raisins and irimshik.
But traditional Kazakh snacks from lamb and horse meat, as well as fresh and delicious flat cakes made from wheat flour, you will be offered to taste only after tea drinking.
As for the dessert, you should definitely try chak-chak - noodles with sugar, honey and candies.
At the moment, gastronomic tourism in Kazakhstan is rather poorly developed, but in the very near future the state plans to timed gastronomic tours to certain events. So, for example, vacationers will have the opportunity to come to Kazakhstan to celebrate the New Year and the onset of spring, in order to enjoy the famous Nauryz kozhe and other dishes of Kazakh cuisine in addition to the entertainment program..
Today, tourists have the opportunity to travel to remote parts of the country: while examining natural attractions, each vacationer can stay at the house of local residents who will be happy to feed them with national dishes..
In memory of Kazakhstan, it is worth bringing such "edible" souvenirs as cognac "Kazakhstan", "Kaharman", and "Zhenis", oriental sweets, sweets of the "Rakhat" brand, kazy in vacuum packaging.

Photos of national dishes of Kazakhstan