Myanmar beaches: photo, video. Myanmar's best sandy beaches

Myanmar beaches

The Republic of Myanmar is located in southeast Asia, in the west of the Indochina Peninsula. The hottest period here is from February to May. In summer, temperatures rise to 40 degrees Celsius. July is the rainiest month. Therefore, for tourism, it is better to choose the time from the end of winter to the beginning of summer..

Myanmar is located so that tourists will have access to the endless waters of the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and the Andaman Sea. Myanmar's tourist beaches are located primarily in the Bay of Bengal. Unfortunately, you can only get to the gorgeous sandy beaches by water. If you nevertheless decide to rest on the shores of the bay, then a tourist will see 3 kilometers of clean and almost deserted beach with warm soft sand on the coast. If you want to enjoy a relaxing holiday by the clear sea, but at the same time save money, then you need to come here.!

Currently, the demand for holidays in Myanmar has dropped significantly, and this has affected the pricing policy of resort hotels. Not all beaches in Myanmar are refined and designed for foreign tourists. On the contrary, only a few of them have a tourist infrastructure, but the cost of recreation is much cheaper. Therefore, local beaches attract many travelers from abroad..

Myanmar resorts are famous for such beaches as: Ngapali; Ngwe Saung; Chaungta Beach; Mergui; Dawei (Tavoy).

  • Dawei is a beach located in the south of the country. Although this area is still poorly developed as a resort area, but here you can see the cleanest beach and clear sea water.
  • Chaungta Beach is a sandy beach that is in demand among the Burmese, that is, the local population. Almost every weekend this beach is full of visitors from Yangon, and on ordinary days it is quite deserted..
  • Ngapali is a beach in Rakhine (or Arakan). The main inconvenience is the need to fly from Yangon, which takes about 1 hour. If you go by car, you will have to spend 5 hours on this. But the local beach will endow travelers with warm golden sand and clear water! In terms of infrastructure, there is a great opportunity to have a good rest. Accommodation offers a variety of hotels to suit every pocket - from five-star to regular budget rooms. The construction of coastal hotels is actively developing to create all the amenities for tourists.

Photos of Myanmar beaches