Flag of Myanmar: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of Myanmar

Myanmar flag

The official approval of the state flag of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar happened quite recently - in October 2010.

Description and proportions of the flag of Myanmar

The flag of Myanmar has a classic rectangular shape, and its length and width are related to each other in a 3: 2 ratio. The Myanmar flag can be used for any purpose on land, including by the army and civilians. On the water, the use of the state symbol of Myanmar is regulated differently: it can only be hoisted on civil and commercial vessels. The country's navy has its own flag.
The national flag of Myanmar is divided horizontally into three fields of equal width. The upper stripe on the flag is colored dark yellow, the middle one is bright green, and the bottom field is bright red. In the center of the flag of Myanmar is a white five-pointed star, which is located at an equal distance from the edges of the flag and covers all three stripes. The red color on the flag of Myanmar is a symbol of courage and determination, white - stability and the desire for peace. Yellow and green speak about the natural resources of the country and its subsoil.
The flag of the Myanmar Navy is a white rectangle, the upper left quarter of which is a red field with a five-pointed white star in the center. In the lower quarter of the free edge there is an image of the sea anchor, made in blue.

History of the flag of Myanmar

Before becoming a colony of Great Britain, Myanmar, then called Burma, had a white flag as a flag with its green peacock in the center. Then, from 1824, the country was in colonial dependence, and its flag until 1939 was the flag of Great Britain, and then a blue cloth with the emblem of Burma and the British flag in a canopy in the upper quarter at the pole.
The project of a new symbol of the statehood of Myanmar was proposed in 2006. The flag was a tricolor, with dark green, yellow and bright red stripes of equal width located horizontally from top to bottom. In the upper left corner, it was supposed to put an image of a five-pointed white star. The project was not adopted, and a year later a different order of stripes on the Myanmar flag was proposed. They decided to place the star in the center and significantly increase in size..
The new and current flag of Myanmar combines the flag of the Burmese state with the symbol of the unity of the union. The star was taken from the flag of independent Burma and emphasized the unity of the state foundations and the people of Myanmar.

Photos of the flag of Myanmar