Traditions of Tajikistan - customs, photo

Traditions of Tajikistan

Traditions of Tajikistan

Alpine Tajikistan is not very popular with tourists, but those who have visited its cities and villages note the uniqueness and originality of local residents and their customs. To the uninitiated, the traditions of Tajikistan may seem very similar to Islamic orders in any other Muslim country, but a closer study reveals many individual characteristics..

Eastern teahouse

Tajiks, like many other peoples of Central Asia, have peculiar men's clubs where it is customary to discuss news, share impressions, make deals and, finally, just drink green tea to escape the midday heat. Teahouses existed several centuries ago and today they have not lost their importance. Traditions of Tajikistan prescribe only men to visit the teahouse. Here they drink tea and solve important issues, and visitors bring news and interesting stories about other countries and lands to the teahouse..

Spring is coming. Spring road!

The Tajik New Year is called Navruz and is celebrated on the day of the vernal equinox. It coincides with the beginning of agricultural work and serves as a symbol of the renewal of nature and man. According to the old tradition of Tajikistan, during Navruz, it is customary to generously set tables and arrange games and festivities..
The holidays of snowdrops and tulips are associated with the flowering of mountain valleys and they are celebrated on an equal scale. Frequent guests of such feasts are wrestlers who organize competitions in the national wrestling "gushtingiri".

Folk crafts

Tajiks have always had a reputation for skillful weavers and the silk and woolen fabrics they make were valued far beyond the borders of the country. Weaving was the lot of men and it was they who became the most unsurpassed masters in the production of bright and variegated canvases, from which national costumes were sewn.
The traditions of Tajikistan have also been preserved in the production of jewelry and pottery. As a souvenir from the country, you can bring a national embroidery or a forged figurine, a picture skillfully carved from wood or an alabaster figurine..

Useful little things

  • Traditions of Tajikistan do not allow a woman to be alone with a man.
  • During the welcome handshake, place your left hand on your chest to show respect for the other person..
  • Bargaining at the oriental bazaar is not only possible, but also necessary. Adhering to this tradition in Tajikistan will help to lower the price and establish good relations with the seller..


  • Traditions of Tajikistan
  • Traditions of Tajikistan