509.2-bedroom house in Ao Nang for 12 thousand

Basic data

District: Ao Nang
Accommodation type: house
Distance to the sea: by transport
Number of bedrooms: 2, bathrooms: 1
Rent price, baht / month: 12000

Pool: no
Air conditioner: yes
Household appliances: refrigerator


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Two double houses near the road. The road is quite busy, but not the track. In front of the house there is a very small area with earth and remnants of grass. On one side there is a fence, but on the other there is no fence, that is, the fence is only for beauty. One house has air conditioning in each bedroom, the other has no air conditioning at all. In the photo the one with the kondeya. They also differ in furniture..

The house inside is simple and there is only a refrigerator in it at the very least. The mattresses are on the floor. The owners seem to have initially handed them over empty, so there is only what is left of the guests. And at the time of viewing, the railings at the stairs and the balcony railing near the house rotted. The owners promised to do it, but they do not fulfill their promises for six months.

For a long time or with the ability to bargain, I'm sure you can bring down the price.

To the sea (Aonang or Noparattara) go 10 minutes by bike or car.





The hosts are located close to these houses on the same side. It is not difficult to find the master's house, you need to drive a little further towards the highway about 300 meters, and when the road turns slightly, there will be a resort with a recognizable thatched roof, right in front of it is the master's house.


509.2-bedrooms? house in Ao Nang

509.2-bedrooms? house in Ao Nang
2 bd, 12000 baht / month
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2 bd, 12000 baht / monthView house