Anti-curb - raise a roadside fine?

Upon arrival in Russia, I wrote about positive, and now I will dilute it with a little negative. Well, this is in addition to the fact that the doctors drain us again ...

I absolutely do not want to pay attention to this, but it is necessary, it is striking. This I mean that you do not need to look for anything on purpose. I went to Auchan, took Yegor to the doctor, and harmony with balance disappears somewhere, you want to ignore it, but you cannot. It's about roadside driving.

The content of the article

Where does this aggression come from??

In Moscow, a very aggressive driving style, horror, as unusual after a relaxed Thailand. There is also no sugar, but at least not out of malice. And here they fly, cut each other, get nervous, honk at the slightest stranger's oversight or delay. He didn’t start from a traffic light within a second, they were already honking, blinking headlights and almost trying to rebuild in order to go around. Probably worse, only in Rostov-on-Don, from those cities where I was, they go there without rules at all (no offense to the Rostovites it will be said, but it was very hard to ride around the city).

God, what kind of life does a person have if he so values ​​these seconds. And I am very sorry for these fast-runners, half of them then lie in the ditches. Moreover, perhaps in fact there are not so many of them as it seems. It's like with garbage, you come to the forest, and if you littered only 1 per 100 people, then the forest is still dirty, and you think that everyone is like that..

You can't drive on the side of the road

Now about the roadside. I don’t know, maybe it just bothers me, but really got it, some obscene words come to my head when I see it. I tried to get up on the sidelines in order to stop the flow, but it does not help much, more precisely it does not help. Organize the movement of Antiobochin at least 🙂

I have to breathe all this stuff and wash the car

I have to breathe all this stuff and wash the car

Three reasons why this is wrong:

  • As a rule, our roadsides outside the city are not paved, so after standing in a traffic jam, you have to wash your car. I'm already silent about the fact that you have to breathe this and the air filters get clogged. And that's nothing, on the forums they write that because of the stones, some honestly standing in traffic jams lost their headlights or got dents.
  • Due to the fact that someone is very «clever» (although here a harsher word suggests itself), you have to stay in a traffic jam much longer in time. As it is true, someone noticed, you like to drive on the side of the road, so only drive along it, and don't poke your nose back into the lane 🙂 But no, they wedge themselves in front of the whole traffic jam in front.
  • When you get your license, you essentially sign a road use agreement, which says that driving on the side of the road is prohibited. An obvious thing, but apparently, we need more fines and stricter tracking. As in Singapore, if he violated - pay XXX bucks, if he didn't pay - the punishment is more serious. Now the fine for driving on the side of the road is 1,500 rubles in total, and no one catches violators!

To everyone who loves to ride on the side of the road, kindly, sincerely, I wish this:




As it turned out, the thoughts of different people converge. While I was writing this article (in May it was, in contrast, after my arrival), in June 2014 a site and a Vkontakte group appeared, dedicated specifically to this topic. I am glad that there are drivers who do not like it either, to the point that they have even drawn stickers and posted a useful article on how to complain to the traffic police.

True, I do not have a DVR, but for such purposes you can buy it. Although, in such cases, I always have a question why ordinary citizens should engage in such nonsense, write complaints, register violations, and beat the thresholds of the authorities. Here, however, everyone has a lot of things to do, you have to earn money, raise children to their feet, and so on. Sadness.

P.S. If you disagree, your right. But in my opinion, in order for it to be like Europe, it is necessary to stop violating, like in Europe.