Coral Cove Beach - coral bay on Koh Samui

Coral Cove Beach gets its name from the bay on the east side of Koh Samui, between the beaches Chaweng Noi and Tongtakian. If you have not studied the island well enough, then for the convenience of orientation, we can assume that Coral Cove lies between Chaweng and Lamai - you know these beaches for sure.

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Beach description

Coral Cove means «Coral Bay». Its length is only 176 meters, including huge boulders that hide a small patch of sand from the main beach. All 176 meters of the coast is 25 meters wide, covered with coarse reddish sand interspersed with coral fragments. The area behind the boulders is covered with even coarser sand, which is unpleasant to walk barefoot, and even painful in the midday sun.

The sand is loose, as on Maename, making it difficult to walk and does not contribute to your stability on the steep slope of the shore when entering the water.

Due to its size and lack of infrastructure, Coral Cove is one of the cleanest and most well-groomed beaches in Koh Samui. Even the presence of a small stream bed does not spoil it, which almost dries up in the heat, and in case of heavy rains of the wet season it plays the role of a drainage system. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Koh Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Entering the water, depth and waves

The water off the coast of Coral Bay without silt and marine debris is very clean. The depth on Coral Cove is not long in coming, so you cannot tell with the naked eye what is there at the bottom. The shore quickly goes under the water, and the legs come off the bottom three steps from the beach..

It is not easy to relax with children on such a beach, and it is better not to let them go into the water alone. Due to its deep water, Coral Cove does not change at low tide, but is prone to high waves, especially in windy and stormy weather..

Sun beds and shade

Sun loungers are available at nearby hotels, but are intended only for guests of the establishment. The presence of a large amount of natural shade from palm trees and rocks provides a comfortable rest for the savage. The bulk of people arrive here on motorbikes, with one towel in the trunk..

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Coral Cove is located 3 km from Chaweng, and 4 km from Lamai. There are the attributes of civilization closest to the beach. Tesco Lotus hypermarket on Lamai is 5 km from Coral Cove, and «big three» hypermarkets in Chaweng - 8 km away, it's about 15-20 minutes by car through Chaweng traffic jams. Attractions, five minutes from Coral Cove Beach:

  • snorkeling;
  • Elephant Rock - a rock overhanging the Ring Road in one of the sharp turns towards Lamai;
  • several viewing platforms.

The beach has a volleyball net and one small Thai restaurant. If you turn right, after reaching the beach, go through boulders and a separate patch of beach with coarse sand, then you will run into a pile of stones. Immediately behind them is hidden an inaccessible beach, on which rarely anyone appears - for nudists to note 🙂

Houses and hotels on the beach

Coral Cove is 50 meters from the Ring Road. This distance was enough to put only one hotel - Coral Cove Resort, which is divided into two types of buildings: a resort and a chalet, they differ in comfort and cost of living. On the other side of the road, the slope of the mountain begins, and somewhere there, at the top there are three more resorts, but there are no private houses in this area..

The nearest rental housing can only be found in Lamai. If you want to book a hotel here in advance or look for accommodation on other beaches, I have selection of hotels on Koh Samui with a good rating and reviews.

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For the lazy, here is a direct link to the above hotel:Coral Cove Resort .


How to find the beach

There is only one entrance to the beach, the access to it is also quite simple. The main thing is not to accelerate too much on the section of the road where there is a blue Beach Republic sign, you can see it if you go from the Chaweng direction. As a reference point, you can use the roadside trampled by cars and bikes, where people leave parked vehicles..

Directly opposite it there is an exit towards the sea. There is also a parking downstairs, but it is small and often crowded with cars. Two or three pickup trucks are enough so that there is no place to turn around, especially if there is an influx of visitors on scooters.





Beach Map

Coral Cove Beach Map

Coral Cove Beach Map: