Laem Set Beach - shallow beach with cool hotels

In the southeastern part of the island there are two beaches, which are sometimes confused with each other, or even join together, omitting one of the names. These are the beaches Natien (Na Thien) and the beach near Cape Laem Set (Laem Set).

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Beach description

Laem Set beach begins in the west, near the Ban Tale river, which separates it from the beach Bang Kao. It runs along huge, empty, mountainous stretches, and three luxury hotels: Banburee Resort & Spa, Kamalay and ShaSa Resort & Residense. .

After 1.5 km, the beach ends with a huge rock on which a house belonging to the Beachfront Villa Baan Paradise is built. This is one of two areas of the island where the coastline is very picturesque and has no straight sections longer than one hundred meters..

The beach coils with a snake, between rocks, round boulders, trees on the shore, and changes from turn to turn. Opposite the Kamalaya hotel, the sand is coarse and white, with shells and pebbles. And two hundred meters to the west, the coast is covered with fine white sand with corals, to the delight of beach lovers «bounty».

The areas of Laem Set opposite the hotels are in perfect order, cleaned and smoothed with a special tool. Considering the cost of hotel rooms (and Kamalaya is considered one of the most expensive in Samui), this is a completely justified procedure. Opposite the wastelands, where the construction of hotels is only planned, Lam Set is in its original form, with a slight touch of human impish..

On the border of grass and sand, there is a variety of debris - from shoes to glass. As well as the remains of marine life and heaps of building materials.

The beach is entirely someone's property and is fenced with a barbed wire fence, so on the shore you can only meet guests of four hotels and tourists. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Koh Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Entering the water, depth and waves

Entry into the water along the entire length of Laem Set beach is hampered by stones. There are small areas relatively free of boulders and large rocks, but there is no perfectly clean sandy bottom anywhere. With low tides, the next hundred meters of the sea becomes one big puddle, and to the depth you will have to wander in special shoes about 400 meters.

The beach is ideal for relaxing with children, for them there is a whole set of small paddling pools, a bunch of pebbles and interesting objects on the shore, the absence of high waves in any weather, except for storms.

The shallow waters are more than compensated for by the clarity of the water and the scenery of Laem Set, one of the most charming and serene on Koh Samui. When the water is high, the sea approaches the very edge of the coast, where grass and trees are already beginning to grow. And the higher the sun rises, the more incredible the picture looms with azure water, white sand and the islands of Tan and Matsum.

Sun beds and shade

There are no conditions for independent rest on Laem Sete. Rather, while there are still vacant lots, you can go into the territory, leaving the equipment on the road, but you are unlikely to be allowed into hotels for more than five minutes. No sun loungers for rent or other beach joys. And very rare vegetation near the water.

All trees are located away from the sea. Considering that at low tide the water runs away from God knows where - the presence of a beach umbrella in the midday heat is simply necessary.

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On the beach itself there is a kite and kayak rental, but only for hotel guests. The area around Laem Set is very isolated, it is located on low mountains and represents one large green patch of the jungle, which becomes more or less populated closer to Bang Kao. The nearest hypermarket is located on Lamai 10 km to the north, it is about 30 minutes by car.

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Houses and hotels on the beach

Development in the area around Laem Set Beach is limited to the hotels listed above: Banburee Resort & Spa, Kamalay and ShaSa Resort & Residense, and a small number of private accommodations. They are all hidden behind high fences, guarded, with gorgeous facades..

This is one of the areas where the peace and safety of hotel guests is guarded, despite the right to free access to the beaches in the kingdom. I was fortunate enough to communicate with the administrator of the Kamalaya hotel, an extremely friendly and adequate person, who provided an accompanying person and a golf cart for exploring the beach. All other administrators responded with a polite, or not very polite refusal..

The escort was very surprised, and on the way down he shared that usually outside guests are allowed to view the hotel only from the lobby balcony. I also learned that a hotel is never less than 80% full. If you want to book a hotel here in advance or look for accommodation on other beaches, I have selection of hotels on Koh Samui with a good rating and reviews.

Hotels near Laem Set>

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How to find the beach

In order to get to the beach near the Kamalaya hotel, you need to turn off the ring road onto road number 4170 near Hua tanona, and follow the signs for Kamalaya. You can leave transport near the hotel and ask permission to go to the beach, but you will hardly be able to swim and relax there. My advice - while there are still vacant lots, go there. It is 100 m west of Kamalai.





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Laem Set Beach Map

Laem Set Beach Map: