Buying insurance when you're already traveling - 2019 list

It is very gratifying that recently questions have begun to appear in the comments regarding long-term travel insurance. So travel-living exists and it's not for nothing that we bloggers popularized this idea. Really, a very interesting experience - living in different countries for at least a couple of months.

So, in this post, I decided to collect all the information on insurance that you can buy while already on a trip, and also partially suitable for long trips. I already had information on the blog, but some of it was scattered over the posts, I answered something in the comments. It's better if everything is in one place. I hope you can add useful information in the comments, as I do not know everything either.. The basic information on insurance is in this post., be sure to read, here I will not explain it again.

The content of the article

List of insurance companies (upd. 01.2019)

I am aware of several insurance companies that sell insurance policies if you are ALREADY traveling. I wrote here only those conditions that are related to the purchase of a policy NOT from Russia. I would choose among the first 3, but you yourself see.

And yes, unless someone is in the know, travel insurance cannot be renewed. And sometimes they ask. You can only buy a new policy if you suddenly decide to travel more. Therefore, be sure to buy insurance while still in Russia, there will be many more options.

Allianz (Mondil)

One of the best assistance systems on the market. Because of the price, almost everyone stopped working with him a few years ago. In fact, they are now selling themselves, since all of this is now Allianz Global Assistance. Should be considered first.

It is sold through Cherekhapa and Polis812, the conditions are the same, the price plus or minus is the same, so you need to check the cost on both sites, on Polis812 using the LIFETRIPRU promo code there will be a 9% discount for you. Cherekhapa's website is much more convenient, with a bunch of useful filters, and technical support responds very quickly, but in terms of the insurance itself, it doesn't matter where to get it..

Allianz on Polis812>

Allianz on Cherekhap>

ERGO (Savitar)

It is sold only through Polis812, that is, you cannot find such conditions on the website of the insurance company itself. Actually, even with AXA now in Russia in general it is not possible to buy insurance anymore, which is a pity. AXA is excellent assists, on the level of Mondial, although I personally like the latter more. In general, I would not take ERGO with other assistance systems, especially if we are talking about Thailand and Asia. Do not forget to check the box in the service «I'm traveling». The insurance will start on the 6th day from the date of purchase. 9% discount with LIFETRIPRU promo code.

Discounted ERGO price>

But this insurance has one drawback - it does not insure dengue fever (relevant for Thailand). There are different opinions here, as far as it is necessary, since Dengue in the same Tae does not occur so often. But on the other hand, you want to insure yourself against everything at once. My opinion is that the shorter you travel to Tai, the less you need to insure this risk..


My detailed post on Tripinsurance

The policy is sold if you are already traveling, in which case it will be valid on the 6th day after purchase (like many others) and there will be a deductible of $ 50. Tripinsurance is their own assistance, but they have signed contracts with many, including Mondial. Insurance will be from «Absolute Insurance», but it doesn’t matter, because here is an intermediary Tripinsurance and it is from them that you need to buy insurance, an exclusive product. On the website of the insurance company itself, you will find completely different conditions. With promo code LIFETRIPRU 11% discount.

Discount Tripinsurance>

One-time policies - policies for specific dates. You can apply even if the country of travel has a residence permit / dual citizenship, but the country of permanent residence in this case must be the Russian Federation, i.e. most of the year of residence is in the Russian Federation. The only limitation when buying them from abroad is the purchase for permanent residents. If the client has not been to the Russian Federation for more than 1 year and he spent most of the year in one country, then it becomes the country of primary residence for him and then the policy will not work.

Annual programs of the 365 days series - a policy with no limit on the number of trips, but with a limit of 91 days each. The problem is that if this policy is bought while traveling, then the 91-day countdown of such a policy starts from the moment you cross the border with the Russian Federation, and not from the moment you buy the policy. Therefore, it makes sense to take it only if the current trip is shorter than 91 days. That is, in the country of travel, you can be no more than 91 days.

Annual Multitrip program - not purchased while traveling.

Liberty (Class)

When buying a policy, a temporary deductible of 5 days will be valid. That is, it will be possible to use it only for 6 days after purchasing the policy. So they protect themselves from those who first got sick, and only then ran to buy insurance. There is a $ 30 deductible for Asia.

There is also a limitation - a maximum of 182 days a year you can stay in one country. If you arrived in Thailand and decided to stay there for a longer period, or have already been there for more than six months, then such a policy is not suitable for you. Thus, you can use Liberty insurance without returning to Russia for years, but changing the host country every six months, at least. Just leaving the country for a while and entering back will not give anything, you need to wait until a year has passed.

Liberty on Cherekhapa>

Liberty Direct>

Liberty can be bought directly (assists will be the same), although I would still take in Cherekhapa, they can play a positive role.

Alpha Insurance (Best and Class)

In Alpha insurance, there are no restrictions at all: it acts immediately, there is no deductible, you can be in the country as long as you want. But I have a suspicion that if you buy a policy and immediately refer to it, you will receive close attention. Otherwise, everything looks too tempting - I got sick and immediately bought insurance. HM. But I haven’t used this insurance yet, so I don’t know for sure how everything will go..

Alpha Price (Best or Class)>

Alpha price (3 to choose from)>

When buying through Cherekhapa, there will be Class Assistance or Best Assistance (depending on the country), I do not recommend taking it directly on the insurance website at all, there will be GVA, there is too much negative on the network for it.

When purchasing through Polis812, you will be able to choose: Class, Savitar and GVA. Better to take only with the first two.

Renaissance (Class Assistance)

Renesanas also has no time limits, like Alpha, only a $ 50 deductible, which is not good. Honestly, I don't have much confidence in them ... Yes, and it comes out very expensive, I would have taken Allianz or Tripinsurance for this price.

Renaissance Price>

And I do not recommend buying Renaissance directly through the official website, there will be a GVA assistance, it is better again through Cherekhapa, then you will get Class Assistance. For Europe, a good price, about like everyone else.

Ingosstrakh (Balt Assistance)

Their insurance is a little expensive. So I would rather consider Allianz or Tripinsurance. Although I know that some people trust Ingosstrakh and do it, why not. In general, I have not seen massive negative reviews on them. Not a bad price for Europe. The policy must be purchased 10 days before its validity. For Asia there will be a deductible of $ 50.

Ingosstrakh price>

Take into account the insurance can be for a maximum of 50 thousand ye, no more. If you want 100 thousand ye, you have to take another insurance. Asiser Assistance will be in Andorra, Spain, Italy, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Remed Assistance will be in Turkey, Bulgaria, Egypt. Balt Assistance in other countries.

Tinkoff (Europ Assistance)

Despite some confusion that the operators of the Tinkoff call center themselves sometimes introduce, insurance can be bought while already on the road. The main thing is not to be in the insurance territory. For example, you are in Montenegro and you are buying insurance for your next country in Spain. That is, to buy a policy, you do not have to be directly in the Russian Federation! Specially, I was looking into this issue with them in the chat for an hour. Remember, Spain is Schengen, and insurance is done immediately for the entire Schengen, it will no longer be possible to buy insurance for the Czech Republic from Spain, the insurance territory is the same.

Prices for Tinkoff>

If suddenly something happens, see clause 4.5.1 in the agreement, everything is clear about this and not a word about the Russian Federation. Of the restrictions, one cannot be more than 90 days in the country, then it already becomes the country of residence. The insurance is good from the budget, you can take it.

Buying insurance from abroad

Where to buy insurance


I still recommend the Cherekhapa service, about which I wrote separate post, why is it needed and what are the advantages, as well as how to use the service.

In short, I will repeat: on one site, using a handy calculator, you can compare prices from the most popular insurance companies. No need to wool insurance websites or call them. There you can buy an insurance policy at least at the same price as on the insurance website, or even cheaper (all major brokers have the option of dumping or improving conditions). By the way, many insurance companies still do not have online purchases of policies, you need to go to the office, which is inconvenient. Also, this mediation will play a positive role in any controversial case, since Cherekhapa's clients are in a privileged position compared to the rest..

To understand what insurance you can buy, you need to go to Cherekhapa's website and tick the I travel box in the filters. Only those insurance companies that sell such policies will remain in the results..

Useful checkbox on the Cherehapa website

Useful checkbox on the Cherehapa website


Another intermediary is Polis812 and also with exclusive offers. Now it is not uncommon to sell insurance from insurance companies with better conditions. The insurance companies themselves cannot afford such improved programs, apparently due to weak marketing and a small number of sales. And, judging by the websites of insurance companies and their promotion channels, this is exactly the case. Therefore, while it is possible and necessary to buy insurance from such services..

With the LIFETRIPRU promo code for readers, there will be a 9% discount.

Checkmark I'M TRAVELING on Polis821

Checkmark I'M TRAVELING on Polis821


Tripinsurance also has good and very understandable programs. There are tips and short descriptions of these programs right on the site. Almost no one has seen this, usually they hide everything. I also contacted technical support and asked them various questions regarding these programs. Answers and I want to share with you.

Using the LIFETRIPRU promo code, especially for blog readers, you can buy this insurance with an 11% discount!

Tripinsurance programs

Tripinsurance programs

Travel insurance problem

Unfortunately, there are very few such insurances now. You understand that this is all business, and insurers need to keep a certain balance between the cost of the insurance policy and the losses incurred when applying for an insured event. The fact is that the insurance company bears more risks when it sells insurance for an already traveling.

It's the same with long trips, policies for them are like a plane. Obviously, if a person lives in the country for several months, then in any way he will get sick with something and use the insurance. The most non-risky policies are policies purchased for vacation trips for 1-2 weeks, with a minimum of requests.

With the crisis, insurance conditions worsened. The rules have changed, all insurance companies have made a limit on the minimum insured amount of $ 40,000 when traveling to Asia (previously it was $ 30,000), prices for insurance have increased for everyone, especially in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, you need to insure. I already somehow got to pay for treatment in $ 40,000 in Thailand and I know what I'm talking about.

Non-Russian citizens and residence permits

Just put a tick in the Turtle «I am not a citizen of Russia» and the results will be filtered. Almost all insurance companies sell foreigner insurance. But it would be necessary to leave your country and buy insurance from your country, otherwise it will also be «I'm traveling» (checkmark in the Cherekhap calculator).

And now, regarding those who have Russian citizenship, but live in another country on the basis of a residence permit. If there was a passport of another country, then it would be possible to buy insurance, if not a citizen of Russia, by ticking the appropriate box. But a residence permit is not equal to citizenship. Therefore, in most cases it will be classified as «I'm traveling».

But there are 2 more nuances..

1) The insurance company may have a limitation on how long a Russian living somewhere by residence permit has not been in Russia in time.

2) You cannot buy insurance for the country where you have a residence permit (the person is no longer a tourist in it).

In particular, Liberty and Alpha insurance are suitable. And Zetta is also suitable, although it is not issued by the filter. «I'm traveling», it must be bought without this check mark, since they have a different classification in this case - departure from a temporary place of stay (there is no such check mark in the calculator yet), and this place of stay is not a journey. In any case, check everything in the Cherekhapa chat before buying, they are smart guys there, they will prompt everything, otherwise everything changes quickly.

Long journeys

I would also like to write about long trips. If you buy insurance while still in Russia, then not 4-5 options are available, as for those already traveling, but all the insurances presented on the Cherekhapa website. But! It all depends on the duration of the trip. It is necessary to set dates and see what the calculator will give out, usually the price is high, since. Also, there is usually a limitation - stay in the country for no more than a year.

P.S. Uralsib and VSK also sell insurance while traveling, they can be bought through Polis812. But I personally do not consider them for myself, very muddy insurance.

P.P.S. If there is any other information on insurance companies, write in the comments.