Discount on insurance from Cherekhap - coupons and promotional codes

Today again about travel insurance and the same service ChereKhapa Insurance, which everyone confuses with ChereKhapa Insurance. Few people know that the Cherehapa service also sometimes has promotional codes for a discount. There is even a field for entering a promotional code so imperceptible that the thought of it simply does not arise. Therefore, I decided to write a short post on this topic, let it be on the blog. Accordingly, I will periodically add fresh promotional codes here so that you can take advantage of the discount when you are going on a trip..

Promotional codes on Cherekhap

If you are reading this post, then most likely you already know what Cherekhapa is and why this mega-useful service is needed. But suddenly, if you don't know yet, then I wrote about him in detail in his post.

There are no current promotional codes.

BLACKFRIDAY17 - 10% coupon, valid from 22 November 2017 to 26 November 2017 (5 days).

Buy insurance with a promo code>

Promo codes are valid for all insurances and with any of their conditions (dates, options, etc.). The promo code must be entered already on the payment page.

Discount on insurance from Cherekhap - coupons and promotional codes

How to use a promo code

Prokomod must be entered right before payment, so you will only see the discount on the payment page. Well, just in case, the service calls it a Coupon, but I'm more used to writing a Promocode. So it's the same thing.

  • You need to follow the link to the Cherekhapa website and fill in all the fields to search for insurance (countries, dates, number of people). Then select the insured amount and the desired options.
  • Press the button «Buy» and on the next page you will see a small inconspicuous inscription «I have a coupon», which must be clicked. After that, be sure to click on «Apply coupon», and the amount to be paid will decrease by a percentage of the discount.
  • Then just pay for the policy with your bank card.
  • Field for entering a promotional code on Cherekhap

    Field for entering a promotional code on Cherekhap

    After applying the promo code

    After applying the promo code

    P.S. If you have any questions, please ask. How to choose insurance with all the nuances and options, I already wrote in my post about travel insurance.