Do I need a Green Card for a car to apply for a Schengen visa

In short, no. More precisely, it should not be needed. But in fact, the consulate may ask one person for a green card and refuse to apply for a visa without it, and the other person may accept documents without questions. How this happens is a mystery. I specially read reviews on forums, nobody seems to know. For example, with a difference of a month, people applied for an Italian visa, and it was just like this.

If you already have a green card, then no problem. But sometimes you need to apply for a visa earlier than 30 days before the trip, and then there is a problem with buying a green card. However, there are ways to resolve these issues..

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When can I issue a Green Card?

By law, the green card cannot be issued in advance, more than 30 days before the start of the policy. More about the green card.

But there are situations when a policy is needed earlier for a visa..

The consulates of some countries may require you to present a Green Card along with other documents for the car and car route if you plan to travel by car. When I applied for the French Schengen, I brought a green card for the car too, it was on the list of documents.

List of documents for a Schengen visa to Spain

List of documents for a Schengen visa to Spain

If you need a green card earlier than 30 days

  • The easiest and most guaranteed way in my opinion. Buy a Green Card for the required period, for example, for 2-3 months, so that it is suitable for a visa. After obtaining a visa, cancel the policy and get the money back. And then already buy a green card for a shorter period of time for a trip. Polis812 makes a return without any problems, I already did that. Purchase online, the policy is brought to your home. Then you need to return the original back by arriving at the office or by registered mail.
  • Order a green card at home>

  • When applying for a visa, you can write a letter: «I undertake to issue a Green Card immediately before departure, as the insurance companies issue this policy no earlier than 30 days before the start of the validity. In any case, the policy is checked at the border and without a policy, they will not be allowed through the border.».
  • Going through insurance and trying to buy a policy earlier than 30 days in advance, but for me this is a disastrous undertaking. If they do, it might be a fake..
  • Buy a green card for a longer period so that the trip falls within this period. For example, instead of 1 month, buy for 2-3 and then go with such insurance. But there will be a noticeable overpayment, the cost is not low.
  • Provide reservations for air tickets or return air tickets, that is, do not say that you will go by car. But, it seems to me, it's easier to buy / return insurance than to be smart.

Don't forget what you need more medical insurance for a visa. Follow the link to my post with nuances, and you can also read my TOP 10 cheapest insurance to Europe.

How to get money back for a green card

If your trip is canceled or postponed to other dates, then you will need to cancel the policy, since the policy is issued for a specific date.

Before the start of the policy, you can return the full amount, regardless of the reason for the canceled trip. But not all insurance companies fully return. For example, Polis812 returns 100%, tested. If you took insurance elsewhere, the refund amount will depend on the specific company. Often the insurer withholds 30% of the cost for its expenses, the rest of the money returns.

They brought me a green card, and then I took it back

They brought me a green card, and then I took it back

The procedure for canceling the policy and refunding money is simple - you will need to write a written application to your insurance company. In the case of an online purchase, you can return it in the same way by writing to an email, but in case the original policy has not been brought to you yet. If you already have it in your hands, then you need to either return it to the office yourself, or ask them for a courier, or send it by registered mail..

It is impossible to return money or part of the money after the start of the policy, even if the car has not traveled abroad. More precisely, it is possible only in extreme cases, like the irrecoverable death of a car (if it can still be proved, because a breakdown is not a basis for terminating the policy).

In the event that the owner of the car has changed, you can reissue the policy for the new owner, but you will not be able to return the money. It's easier to first cancel the policy with a full refund, and then the new owner will buy the Green Card again.