Everything about bike rental in European cities is summarized in infographics

They asked to post a rather interesting post here. First of all, I liked the format of information presentation. I myself have never done this, and it never even occurred to me, although I had seen the infographics more than once before. How do you like that? Maybe, if not for infographics, the future, then for short and concise information for sure. Otherwise, on a blog, I often spread my thoughts along a tree, maybe I also need to be so short ... By the way, it is convenient to throw such a picture on your phone to take with you.

Many tourists from all over the world visit Europe every year. Many people want not only to see the most famous sights, but also to plunge into the real life of the city. A great way to feel like a European is to rent a bike and go for a walk in places not listed in the guidebooks. By bike, you do not depend on the schedule and routes of public transport and you yourself choose where to go and where to stay.

Public bike rentals are very popular in many European cities. Momondo has compiled important information about bike rental systems for you, as well as recommendations for routes, addresses and points of interest in Amsterdam, London, Berlin and other European cities..