Goodbye Normals, or how all downshifters got muddy in the media

Something lately, when I come across television, I start to feel sick from lies or one-sidedness. Surely, many people know the Goodbye Normals project and the hype around it. To be honest, I myself only recently found out about them, having stumbled upon a TV commercial on the social network. This is how it was necessary to distort everything in order to concoct a spectacular story ... They themselves were not disgusted with letting it air?

In general, I want to speak out in defense of the project and free travelers, since the blogger himself, he started from scratch, himself traveled for 15-30 thousand a month, that is, I know what is behind this, what values ​​and philosophy.

The content of the article


Briefly about the Goodbye Normals project. Nikita and Hannah went on a trip around the world, hoping to spend 30 thousand rubles per month (we are now omitting the help of relatives and fans of the project). For almost two years of their travel, they gathered around 45 thousand readers on Vkontakte and 16 thousand on Youtube. For many, they became an ideal couple, an example to follow, and recently they suddenly quarreled and parted with a bang. Hannah wrote an emotional post in the group that all this was fiction, deleted all the videos of the project, and then it went. Now there is little information about them, the content is being restored slowly. At the time of the crisis, a special support project was created, which from outside covered the events around the project.

Goodbye normals

Goodbye normals

The media and the Russia 24 channel immediately caught on to this story, but there was a smell of dirt and fried. While the guys were doing well, no one needed them, although they offered to tell about them. And here is such a topic, such a final, it's time to point a finger and say ay-ay, we warned, unambiguously hinting that welcome back to the system, and that's all «abnormal» let them go through the forest. On this video, you can write a manual for the yellow press.

Hitting everyone «abnormal»

In the TV commercial (about the guys) there is a frank hit on downshifting (consider other life values) and a serious opposition of well-fed financial well-being to all other options for the development of events. That is, if a person earns a little, or if he decided to travel to his heart's content, then he must immediately be punished in full..

I watched the video and thought that a lot of things apply to us. And, oh my God, we even lived for 15 thousand rubles / month in Moscow / Thailand, apparently we need to get rid of it all at once from the light of day. And I remember when I wrote post about our costs, he climbed into the TOPs of LJ, and such «sympathizers» there were decent people. They did not sit quietly, they definitely had to hurt and write some nasty thing. An inferiority complex or what? Or wounded pride that someone needs less in life? Or unfulfilled dreams hidden under the guise of contentment? By the way, the media then stole and distorted our history, and someone even reprimanded in Surkov's propaganda, well, aren't they paranoid??


Tell me, where does this come from among the people? Well, this or that person has chosen an economical life and is satisfied with it, this is a deliberate choice. He's not a moron that he quit his job, that he decided to reduce his spending. Probably, if comfort and money played such a significant role for him, he would build a career and would not embark on an adventurous trip around the world..

It's funny that I met similar backpackers from other countries, communicated with them, looked through their Facebook profiles, and did not see something in the society of universal condemnation, especially if these are young people who just really need to find their place in this world ... On the contrary, the backpackers themselves told me that it was almost customary for them, before getting involved in adulthood, traveling like this and understanding what they wanted to do. And I'm not talking about the fact that the creation of such a project as Goodbye Normals itself is akin to a startup / business, that is, the very work.

goodbye normals

In the TV commercial, you can see moments taken out of context and special inaccuracies made to please the opinion that any deviations from work-home-work (and from the goal of making money) are abnormal. These inaccuracies cut the ears of those who lead a similar lifestyle, and who are exactly the same adherent of free travel. This I mean myself. Moreover, the director of the video did not even bother to delve into the story and made such blunders that it should be a shame (for example, that it was Nikita who deleted all the videos himself). And, how could you say that they were bragging about their lives, and like it was all bad? Really, if you get a job in an office, do not save, do not travel, then life will be ideal at once, and there will be no personal quarrels and difficulties? Rave!

The most offensive thing is that the one who is not in the subject at all, but also suffers from being in the wrong place, will look at this dirt, which will once again lose faith in the fact that the world is not quite the way they are trying to present it to us.



Of course, the main reason for all the hype was Hannah's statement, however, it seems that the spiteful critics were just waiting, waiting for an excuse to immediately stick a bunch of labels from the series «ugly end of a beautiful story». Apparently in their souls it became easier for them that everything could not be so sweet and good, they found, so to speak, confirmation of their fears or unwillingness to change something in their life. After all, it is unrealistic, and the guys did not succeed. Although in fact the project is successful, only personal relationships did not work out.

I remember how much at the beginning of blogging I received criticism in my address, and like go work, and nothing will work out, and the fact that if I do not want a renovation in an apartment and an expensive car, then I am immediately unworthy to be a man. But neither I nor Goodbye Normals imposed their life on anyone, they just shared events. So why should conventional wisdom be imposed? Why all people one size fits all?

Try to test your relationship yourself

Now I do not specifically want to say anything about the relationship of the guys, this is their own business. And although it surfaced to the public's judgment, turning into Dom2, but still, this does not concern us all, they will figure it out themselves. It's none of our business. Moreover, we did not hold a candle, in fact, the word of one against the word of another, and we will never know the real truth.


And many more apparently have no idea what it is like to live with a person 24 hours a day for several years. 90% «happy» marriages would fall apart if placed in similar conditions. Yes, even under normal conditions, you can see what the percentage of divorces is. As a rule, spouses simply do not know each other, they marry out of stupidity or in an invented image. And just such a close life, as in a long journey, tells everything about a person. There, a year goes over 5 at once. Consider that you have lived with a person for two years, it's like 10 years already together.

I know from myself, since Daria and I have been around the clock for 4 years now, and not just see each other after work for a couple of hours a day. Believe me, in this mode it is much more difficult to create relationships, I have something to compare with. After all, there was a period when we, like many, saw each other only in the evening, we did not know any problems at all. So it is perfectly normal for couples to break up after such trials, and sooner rather than later, while the children are away. In general, I would arrange such checks for all newlyweds, because then children in single-parent families do not need to grow up, I grew up without a father, there is nothing good in this.

Only if an ordinary divorce is the norm and is not discussed, then such a quarrel on a trip is direct bad manners and immediately a story for the media. Oh well.

Why this post

Probably someone will ask why I wrote all this. I will answer - I was hooked by what was presented on TV, I took it as a personal challenge. And this is not the first time such attacks have occurred. Such videos defame the honor of travelers, travelers, winterers, downshifters, and still do not at all contribute to tolerance among people, which is already lacking in Russian society. There is no tolerance, a little something - immediately on the count. Perhaps, it is precisely intolerance to the opinions of others that infuriates me most of all in our mentality, it is from this that I want to escape, where to go. Why should I suddenly listen to statements about my lifestyle, and sometimes in a very rude manner? And in general, what is any criticism, when it is not asked?

In general, once again the sadness. I'm still waiting, waiting, when all people on earth will understand that they are different, and what suits one person, does not suit another at all. There are no and never will be universal recipes / formulas / lifestyles for everyone at once. I really don't understand how, for example, one can butt over food systems (meat eaters vs vegans), religions (Orthodox vs Muslims), work format (office vs freelance), lifestyle (stay-at-home vs traveler). To each his own.

Unfortunately, my utopian naive dreams, when everyone lives in peace, will not come true ... Well, guys are great anyway, such a popular project is a success, no matter what they say. I can only wish them good luck, forget everything and move on, albeit in different directions. And Nikita a separate respect for the project, let him continue to develop!

P.S. Trolls and those who do not know how to express their opinion without becoming personal, the bath immediately.