How to get from Moscow to Koh Samui - 4 flight options

There was a need to highlight the ways of how to get from Moscow to Koh Samui in a separate post, because there are several options for flights and the difference between them is not immediately obvious to beginners. We will only talk about the air route, that is, about the aircraft. And all the options for how to get from Bangkok to Koh Samui by land (5 ways), I already told earlier.

The main feature of this trip is that there are no direct, direct flights from Moscow to Samui. And because of this, it is harder to get here than to the same Phuket. Plus, various nuances appear, and we will talk about them. And about that, how to fly to Tai cheaper, I already wrote too.

The content of the article

Why there is no direct flight Moscow-Samui

Koh Samui is the island where the only private airport is built (by the way, very beautiful), which independently determines which airlines it will work with. For a long time, rumors have been circulating about the imminent transformation of Samui Airport from local to international, but so far it accepts aircraft of only five airlines in the world..

When planning a flight from Moscow to Koh Samui in search of a better price, it is worth looking through not only Russia-Thailand options, but also routes passing through neighboring states (for example, through Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur), from where it will be possible to get to the island inexpensively. But remember - for any chosen air route, you will have at least one change.

We are at Koh Samui airport

We are at Koh Samui airport

Flight with a single ticket

This option means that you immediately buy a ticket to Koh Samui. The same flight option that was given to you by Aviasales or Skyscanner with all transfers. That is, you pay once for all segments of the flight and get one e-ticket in your hands. In this case, there can be either 1 or 2-3 transplants. Let's analyze each of the options.

Moscow-Samui with 1st change

To achieve this option, you need to buy an Aeroflot or Thai Airways ticket (they recently canceled direct flights from Moscow, but hopefully they will resume). Only these two air transportation giants will provide you with a direct flight from Moscow to Bangkok, and then you will be transferred to Samui airport by Bangkok Airways. There will be only one change in Bangkok, and it is inevitable, as I said..

When you check-in at the airport of departure, you are given two boarding passes at once (one for each plane), that is, the carrier that sold you the Moscow-Samui ticket takes responsibility for your domestic flight as well. This solution is very convenient from the passenger's point of view. Indeed, in the event of a delay in the first shoulder «Moscow-Bangkok», time discrepancy when transferring to domestic airlines will NOT be your headache. The airline itself will decide this issue and put you on the next flight..

Another advantage of such a flight is baggage check-in to the final point, that is, to Koh Samui. You don't have to pick it up in Bangkok and return it again by switching to domestic airlines. At the same time, passport control takes place in Bangkok, in its transit zone. It is difficult to get lost there, the airport staff will direct you where you should, they specially stand there.

From Moscow to Koh Samui with Thai Airways

From Moscow to Koh Samui with Thai Airways

Moscow-Samui with 2-3 transfers

A lot of other airlines carry passengers with two or three or more transfers. That is, you will have several transfers (usually 1) on the Moscow-Bangkok shoulder in some Dubai or Abu Dhabi, and one more transfer in Bangkok itself. The whole essence and all the advantages indicated in the previous paragraph are retained. Moreover, an increase in the number of transfers does not always affect the reduction in the cost of flights. The price depends on the chosen carrier, on the tariff and on the season, you need to monitor the prices every time and see what is cheaper. It used to be that a direct flight was always more expensive than a connecting flight, but if you look at the prices yourself, then make sure that now this is not always the case..

It is possible that a promotion will come across, such as from Etihad or Emirates airlines, which periodically arrange rides of unprecedented generosity and sell tickets with a 20-40% discount. Other carriers are also happy with promotions, so if you are not strictly tied to the departure date, I highly recommend catching good deals for a while. The flight can be quite inexpensive, and at the same time it is almost always cheaper than the total cost of two separate tickets Moscow-Bangkok and Bangkok-Samui.

So that's it. If, at the request of Moscow-Samui, search engines Aviasales or Skyscanner issue an inexpensive flight with a transfer (for example, Moscow-Doha-Bangkok-Samui, or Moscow-Abu Dhabi-Bangkok-Samui), then, as in the case of a direct flight, you will be given one ticket. In general, tickets purchased online are an ordinary electronic document that is sent to your mail after payment. It lists all your flights, transfers and planes.

When you check in at the airport of departure, you will be given as many boarding passes for this ticket as there are planes planned along the route. The carrier ensures your delivery directly to Koh Samui and if one of the planes is late, it will handle all problems with subsequent flight inconsistencies. Accordingly, baggage is checked in exactly the same way to the final destination of Koh Samui, and passport control takes place in the transit zone. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

We are flying Emirates with a transfer in Dubai, the rebi is very tired

We are flying Emirates with a transfer in Dubai, the rebi is very tired

Flight with multiple tickets

This option means that you buy several tickets for several flights separately. Yes, you match them in time, but in fact they are not connected at all. Before, you will need a ticket to Bangkok or Phuket.

Flight Moscow-Bangkok and flight Bangkok-Samui

This is a way for those who, for whatever reason, cannot buy a single ticket for the entire flight. Here you have a simple algorithm:

  • Buy a ticket from Moscow to Bangkok separately. It will be a direct flight or with transfers - you decide.
  • Buy a ticket to Koh Samui, also separately, on the Bangkok Airways website. You can also buy this ticket upon arrival in Bangkok directly at the airport at the Bangkok Airways ticket office.
  • The main danger and inconvenience in this option is the likelihood of a delay in the first flight to Bangkok, which no one will compensate you, you will simply lose your second ticket. Not taking a ticket in advance for a domestic flight is also not an option, since the ticket price on the day of departure may differ almost five times from the price that will be set 1-2 months before the flight..

    That is, it is better to take tickets for a domestic flight from Bangkok to Samui in advance, so as not to face the high cost and, worse, the lack of free seats on the day of departure. In fact, this is a classic pun for inexperienced travelers in Thailand. Of course, there is always the opportunity to leave by land, but in this article we only discuss the options for air travel..

    Lunch in business class Bangkok Air, in economy a little easier

    Lunch in business class Bangkok Air, in economy a little easier

    If you still find yourself in such a situation that you have already arrived in Bangkok, and the Bangkok Airways ticket is too expensive or there are no vacant seats, then you have two options..

    • Spend the night in Bangkok. For example, in a hotel Nasa vegas, which is very close to the airport. Follow the link to read my review, I have stayed there several times already. And then fly away the next day.
    • Go to Don Muang airport (by taxi it takes 30-60 minutes), and use the low-cost airlines AirAsia or Nokair.

    It is worth knowing that Bangkok Airways is a monopoly company whose planes fly to Koh Samui every hour. And the price for them is twice as high as for tickets of low-cost airlines such as AirAsia and NokAir. Only these low-cost airlines do not fly to Koh Samui, but land on the mainland in the city of Surathani or Nakorn Si Thammarat, about 100 km from the island. This is the arithmetic. Therefore, when you look at the site of a low-cost airline, do not be surprised that there is a direction there. «Samui», just in fact it is a combined ticket «flight + bus + ferry».

    Flight Moscow-Phuket and flight Phuket-Samui

    Another way to travel with two separate tickets. Be sure to pay attention to the options that Aeroflot offers. These guys carry direct flights from Moscow to Phuket, Transaero also flew earlier and their prices were much tastier, but everything is changing.

    WITH Phuket airport you, in the same way, will have to fly to Koh Samui by Bangkok Airways planes on your own, so I remind you to pre-purchase a ticket. The distance from Phuket to Koh Samui is almost two times less than from Bangkok, but the flight will be literally 10 minutes shorter due to the fact that the plane flies slowly and saves fuel. So you will have time to have a snack with a good branded lunch..

    And a little advice for those who still dare to buy a ticket on Bangkok Airways already in Phuket. If you have not guessed right with the decision and you have to spend the night waiting for the next plane, then do not take a taxi and do not book a hotel at the airport counters. Literally 200-300 meters from the exit from the airport, there are inexpensive hotels (availability and location can be quickly seen through RoomGuru). If you have one suitcase, you can easily and unnecessarily get to the hotel and check in on your own. And cheaper.

    Direct flight Moscow-Phuket from Transaero

    Direct flight Moscow-Phuket from Transaero

    P.S. As I wrote at the beginning of the article, there are also countries from where planes fly directly to Koh Samui. We have never used these methods yet, because there was no need, but I never forgot about them when looking for inexpensive tickets. Which, in fact, is what I advise you, especially if you are not flying from Moscow, but from another city. Prices and rules are changing, it is better to keep in sight all possible options.