Kamala Beach Aquamarine Resort - hotel beach, but for everyone

Kamala Private Beach - this beach belongs to the large hotel complex Kamala Beach Aquamarine Resort & Villa, located on a small hill overlooking the beach area. And this hotel is located just a hundred meters from the beach Kamala, on South. The entrance to the beach is free, since the hotel is located across the street from the beach, and you can freely enter it along the entire length of the beach..

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Beach description

The beach is fenced off from Kamala by a natural wooded ledge, forming a secluded lagoon. Despite this, rarely anyone swims on the beach, preferring to just enjoy the picturesque sea waves from the shore (there is a cafe there) or from the hotel room. Rest on this beach is more about hotel entertainment, from playgrounds to adult gatherings in the sauna, but everything is within the hotel.

For everything else, you need to go to neighboring Kamala, or somewhere else. This beach and hotel is a common choice for couples and honeymooners looking for beauty and luxury without the clamor of the nearby public beaches. In fact, the place is very quiet and calm, there are almost no people.

Of course, the hotel rooms are not cheap, but very comfortable. Average price tag from 2,800 baht per room with a slope upward.

Entering the water, depth and waves

For swimming and sea entertainment, the same Kamala or other interesting beaches in the neighborhood are more suitable. The reason is that the sea here is very shallow, at low tide from the beach there is a lunar landscape with rocks and craters that were hidden under the water. The sand on the beach is with shells. The depth builds up for a long time, it is difficult to swim even at high tide.

Sun beds and shade

The sun loungers are provided by the adjoining resort, and there is shade only in the private area, behind the fence. All surviving trees grow there, although there are sections of the beach where the trees are very old and with huge crowns, the shadow of which is enough for strangers.

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There is a monument to the victims of the tsunami not far from the hotel, if you want to drive to it, just follow the road signs.

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Houses and hotels on the beach

Next to Aquamarine Resort, on the same beach is the Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort. On the cape near Kamala - the five-star Andara Resort Villas Phuket and Cape Sienna Hotel & Villas, and on the other side - the secluded and quiet Ayara Kamala Resort .

Kamala Beach hotels>

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How to find the beach

Finding it is not difficult. Just from the south Kamala you need to move along the road along the coast along the road uphill. Do not confuse it with the main route, it does not go along the sea, but further. Thus, you first need to get from the highway to the shore (in the southern part), and there you will figure it out. The entrance to the beach, as I said, is free.

Beach Map

Map of Kamala Beach near Kamala Aquamarine Resort

Map of Kamala Beach near Kamala Aquamarine Resort: