Tri Trang Beach - near Patong

Tri Trang Beach is a small secluded spot located south of Patong, about 700 meters long. The second name of the beach is Emerald Beach, in honor of the eponymous bay on the island of Phuket.

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Beach description

A few years ago, only local residents knew about this beach; they spent time here under the shade of a large number of trees, arranging picnics. «Three Trang» means «crystal Clean», sometimes thai call this beach «Three Tra», which translates as «emerald». Apparently, the locals could not decide which name is better..

Currently, this once almost wild place has been captured by civilization. The beach has become more popular and visited, but casual people are still not often found there, mostly vacationers of the Tri Trang Beach Resort .

Entering the water, depth and waves

The beach is clean, the water is azure and clear, the entrance to the water is sandy and gentle, great for families with small children. Although if you move away, then there are already stones in the water.

An unpleasant feature of Tri Tranga is strong low tides, at this time the water leaves very far from the coast, exposing the rocky bottom, then all that remains is to walk along the coast, collecting shells and enjoy the silence.

The northern (right) part of the beach is more suitable for swimming. At high tide, the sandy bottom is enough to swim with pleasure, and since the beach area is protected by the cape from the winds, if there are waves, then only «baby».

Sun beds and shade

The entrance to the beach is free for everyone; rest there is suitable for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle, noise and obtrusive service of popular tourist places. The sandy strip is quite wide, sun loungers with umbrellas stand in a maximum of two rows, rent costs 100 baht, but if you wish, you can sit right on the sand.

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Tri Trang beach at low tide is not bathing at all

Tri Trang beach at low tide is not bathing at all


There are massage parlors, bars and restaurants on the beach, you can also ride a scooter, kayak, «banana», go snorkeling, and if you want noisy nightlife, then just 5 minutes away by car is Patong, where there is no shortage of entertainment establishments.

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Houses and hotels on the beach

There are hotels on the beach, mainly in the part of the beach that is closer to Patong. These are mostly low-priced multi-storey resorts with a pool and a good view from the rooftop terrace. Such is, for example, Tri Trang Beach Resort or the slightly simpler Aersa Paradise.

A small stylish and modern At Zea Hotel stands out against their background, with creative designer interiors that play up the marine theme.

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How to find the beach

There are two ways to find this beach. The first option is the road leading to Tri Trang Beach Hotel, there is parking for cars, as well as paid shower and toilet. The second is a passage through a hole in the fence, in this case a huge old tree, which was carefully surrounded by a fence, can serve as a reference point. It is more convenient, of course, to use the first civilized way..

Walking road to Patong will take no more than 20 minutes. Well, this is if we are talking about the beginning of Patong, because then you can walk along Patong itself for another 40 minutes..

Beach Map

Tri Trang Beach Map

Tri Trang Beach Map: