The best hotels in Phuket: my selection of price-rating-quality

Another selection of hotels by beaches (Kata Noi, Kata, Karon, Patong, Kamala, Bang Tao, Surin, Naithon) to help those who travel to Phuket. Of course, there are hundreds of times more hotels, and these are the ones that seemed to me the most suitable based on reviews and prices. If you can advise something on Phuket, write, pliz, in the comments. There is also such an option for those who have arrived for a long time and are going to look for a house - to rent a hotel in Phuket Town, and not somewhere in the beach area, then it will be cheaper and perhaps even more convenient, since this is the center of the island. True, you have to take off the bike, to get to the desired areas.

Also on the blog there are 2 more selections of hotels on Koh Samui: hotels on the main beaches (Lamai, Chaweng, Chon Mon, Bo Phut, Maenam, Bang Po), and hotels with private beaches. The latter are usually quite expensive..

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Hotels on Kata Noi beach

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Briefly about the beach

The map of the island shows that Kata Noi is the southernmost beach on the west coast of Phuket. All these beaches are connected by road 4233, and only near Kata Noi it steeply goes into the mountains, and a narrow secondary road leads to the beach, which ends in a dead end. Kata Noi is hidden in a cozy place surrounded by mountains, away from the noisy crowds of tourists, the airport, large hypermarkets and ports..

The length of the Kata Noi beach is just under a kilometer, and the width at different times of the day varies from 50 to 70 meters. Moreover, its central part remains almost unchanged even at the peaks of ebb and flow. The steep slope of the coast continues under water, so that the depth «up to the chest» in a person of average height, it occurs within 10-15 meters from the coast. Kata Noi has very fine sand, light yellow, almost white, and an excellent entrance to the sea, without stones and corals.

We can say that Kata Noi is the ruble of Phuket Island. Both in terms of location and the level of accommodation and prices on the beach. There are no detached inexpensive private houses on the beach, neither in the first nor in the second line. There are only luxury hotels and expensive resorts here. The entire infrastructure of Kata Noi is aimed at serving tourists with a good income, so the order of prices for the services of massage therapists, food, cafes and souvenirs is higher here than in any other place in Phuket, and shabby backpackers wander here just to look at the beach and go further.

More about Kata Noi with photos and descriptions.


Katanoi Pavilion

Despite the elitism, in Kata Noi you can find a relatively inexpensive hotel within 1500 baht. For example the Katanoi Pavilion by Amorn hotel. He does not have the most convenient approach to the beach - it turns out that you need to walk around, or go through the territory of Katathani Phuket Beach Resort (8,000 baht per day), but the extra five minutes of walking did not harm anyone. The hotel has a safe, ironing board, library, and soundproofed rooms. On the negative side: not the most friendly staff, some shortcomings in water supply and serviceability of hotel equipment. And my advice - if you decide to settle in Kata Noi, then rent a vehicle. It is quite expensive to live without rented transport without leaving Kata Noy.

More expensive

Katanoi Resort

Spending about 2500 baht per room, you can check into Katanoi Resort. The hotel is located a little further from the coast than the Katanoi Pavilion by Amorn, but this does not play a special role, except that the walk to the beach will be two minutes longer. Kata Noi Beach is small, so all hotels are located close to the water. A hotel with a sea view will cost a lot more, so in my opinion it is not worth wasting money. Katanoi Resort has a good pool, spacious rooms, safe, WiFi with decent speed, fresh interior, friendly staff, but - with a little lame English.

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Hotels on Kata Beach

Briefly about the beach

Kata Beach is located on the northern edge of the west coast of Phuket, between Karon and Kata Noi beaches. Two large island roads 4233 and 4028 pass through the territory of the village of the same name, Kata, between which the main infrastructure of this area is located. The way from Kata Beach to the airport will take about 40 minutes by car, excluding traffic jams. There are no large buildings and transport hubs, as well as no large hypermarkets. But there is a parking lot for boatmen, with whom you can agree on a boat trip.

Kata Beach is about one and a half kilometers of very fine, pleasant and white sand, with a width of 30 meters in the south, up to 90 meters in the north. The depth of the sea on Kata is relatively large, the slope of the coast allows you to break away from the bottom as early as 20 meters from the beach, and at low tide the sea recedes by 7-10 meters. There are no stones or corals on the beach, and the only unpleasant place is the stinky river in the north of Kata, along which one of two possible routes to the beach runs. Kata Beach is considered the most suitable and comfortable for families with children..

Somehow, the owners of the Kata Beach Resort managed to grab a piece of land not perpendicular to the beach, as is customary in most resorts, but in parallel. Therefore, almost the entire first line of the beach is one hotel, bypassing which there are only two roads along which you can get to Kata. The second line also consists of hotels and resorts of different levels, but in general, the entire infrastructure of the village is tailored for the normal, daily living of both tourists and local residents..

More about Kata with photos and descriptions.


Beach Breeze Guesthouse

If you have to think about saving, check out Beach Breeze Guesthouse. Despite the rooms are not the first freshness, remoteness from the sea and complaints from guests about dampness, the hotel still has a lot of advantages, in addition to the price. It is located directly opposite the path to Kata Beach, and is located just ten minutes walk from Karon Beach. The hotel's restaurant serves Russian cuisine, and there is a minimarket and exchange office near Beach Breeze Guesthouse. Accommodation price - from 1500 baht, depending on the season. Quite a decent combination of price and quality.

More expensive

Kata Beach Resort And Spa

If you are ready to give three times more, then you go to Kata Beach Resort And Spa, the same monopolist hotel that occupies 90% of the first line on Kata Beach. The reviews are the most positive: attentive staff, superbly decorated interior, comfortable and clean rooms, wonderful Swedish breakfasts, live music, a lot of services for recreation and tourism. The main part of the hotel guests are Europeans, Americans and wealthy compatriots, which positively affects the comfort of rest.

Here are the direct links to the indicated hotels in the RoomGuru service: Beach Breeze Guesthouse and Kata Beach Resort And Spa .

Hotels on Karon Beach

Briefly about the beach

The third largest beach in Phuket, which is located along Road 4233 on the west coast. The distance between the asphalt and the beach is no more than 50 meters and is an open space with bushes, grass and parking lots. The airport is about 40 minutes away by car, and the nearest hypermarket, Big Sea, can be found on the nearby Patong Beach. The infrastructure of the beach is made up of hotels, rare shops, travel agencies, cafes, restaurants, a reservoir, two public parks and several wastelands. Compared to many of Phuket's beaches, it's kind of dull here..

The main feature of Karon Beach is «singing» sand. In fact, it just creaks underfoot with a sound reminiscent of the creak of snow. Combined with an almost white color and fine grain, it leaves an unusual and pleasant impression when walking barefoot. The beach is wide, from 30 to 70 meters, in two places it is cut by small rivers. It is distinguished by the absence of vegetation, with the exception of those sections of Karon that pass by parks, and in the southern part of the beach. A clean entrance to the sea, without stones and algae, low tides have little effect on the depth. Due to the large amount of open space, the general feeling of the beach is uncomfortable.

The entire infrastructure is focused on short-term tourists. Hence the range of services presented on Karon and their cost. Massage shops, pharmacies, cafes, small shops, souvenir shops and other, not the most useful institutions in everyday life. The beach is constantly patrolled by hawkers. All buildings and structures in the beach area are located behind the road. These are mainly large hotels, resorts and guesthouses. However, despite the proximity of such giants of the hotel business as the Hilton, on Karon Beach there is an opportunity to check into an inexpensive guest house from 350 baht per day..

More about Karon with photos and descriptions.


Karon Nin Apartments

But if we are not talking about housing for childless and carefree backpackers, but about relatively inexpensive but comfortable accommodation in a decent hotel, then I recommend that you pay attention to Nin Apartments. A budget hotel with a great location close to the sea, with really spacious rooms and a friendly owner. In addition to the usual refrigerator and TV, there is a microwave oven in the room, and a lamp and writing utensils on the table. Free WiFi with decent speed, nice and helpful staff.

More expensive

Karon Andaman Seaview Hotel

A more expensive option can be considered with the Andaman Seaview Hotel Karon Beach. Excellent location of the hotel next to the beach, there is a cliff area on the beach where you can snorkel. The hotel has a large pool, and for fans, rooms with a private pool on the balcony. All rooms face the sea, so there is no chance of living two weeks overlooking the wall of a neighboring hotel. Decent breakfasts and polite, helpful staff, but with little difficulty communicating in English.

Here are the direct links to the indicated hotels in the RoomGuru service: Nin Apartments and Andaman Seaview Hotel Karon Beach .

Hotels on Patong Beach

Briefly about the beach

Patong is the # 1 party beach in Phuket. When choosing it for recreation, do not forget about this characteristic and do not say later that I did not warn you. One of the largest and most densely populated areas of the island is located in the Patong Beach area. There are many roads, buildings, markets, shops, banks and ATMs, travel agencies and hotels of various levels. Bars, restaurants, large hypermarkets, two piers, relative proximity to the airport, a gorgeous beach and incredible popularity with young people make Patong the informal capital of entertainment on the island of Phuket. It is always noisy here, life is always in full swing, and there are many young and drunken faces around..

The beach itself occupies about 4 km of the coast, but only three of them are the main part of Patong. Then there are rocks, a scattering of stones in the water, near which it is pleasant to practice snorkeling. Further, to the end of the bay there are short sandy stretches, opposite small resorts, which are also considered Patong. The width of the beach varies from 5 meters at high tide, up to 50 meters at low tide on different parts of the coastline. The sand on the beach is fine, fluffy, with a small admixture of shells and needles from the trees growing along Patong. The bottom slope is optimal for pleasant swimming, the depth is reached already 15-20 meters from the water's edge. The water itself in the sea is slightly cloudy, with an admixture of sand, this is clearly visible on satellite images of Yandex Maps.

All the first line of Patong is hotels. And also his second, and third, and fourth lines. Patong is one of the first places in Phuket for the number of hotels, apartments and guesthouses. Even on the rocks separating the main Patong and its northern appendix, they have managed to build hotels. To summarize, I tell you that Patong is a tourist paradise for those who enjoy a fun company and a noisy neighborhood. The choice of housing is presented here for any budget, it remains only to open RoomGuru and choose what you like.

More about Patong with photos and descriptions.


Asialoop Guesthouse

In order not to suffer for a long time with a choice, start with the inexpensive Sharaya Patong Hotel. The price-quality ratio is perfect in my opinion, pleases the location of the hotel close to Patong beach and to the main party. Despite the down-to-earth price tag, here you are served by a polite, hospitable staff, as well as clean rooms and a luxurious bonus - a swimming pool on the roof of the hotel. Of the minuses: sometimes there may be an administrator at the reception who has difficulties working with online booking, there is no elevator on the roof, and songteos with powerful acoustics and Thai pop are worn under the windows at night.

More expensive

Patong Phuket Graceland Resort

From hotels with a price tag of 2,000 to 4,000 baht, I would stay at Phuket Graceland Resort & Spa. What's so great about this hotel? Walking distance to Patong Beach, albeit not new, but really spacious rooms, several pools for every mood, beautiful well-groomed hotel grounds, walking access to the crowded Bangla Road, great pool for children, commendable work of the chef, delicious breakfasts with a large selection of what you can have a snack. And polite staff, of course)

Here are the direct links to the indicated hotels in the RoomGuru service: Sharaya Patong Hotel and Phuket Graceland Resort & Spa .

Hotels on Kamala beach

Briefly about the beach

The large lively village of Kamala is tucked away in a bay with the eponymous beach surrounded by mountains. The entire horizontal space between the two passes of road 4233 is occupied by buildings of both the tourist segment and private houses of local residents. Previously not the most popular corner of Phuket, Kamala is still not explored (read - not built up with hotels) to the end and in some places sparkles with bald patches of wastelands. The infrastructure of Kamala Village is geared towards tourists and locals alike. There are no Tesco Lotus and BigSi hypermarkets, but smaller branches have been built instead.

All two kilometers of Kamala beach, covered with almost white, free-flowing sand like sugar and about 20 meters wide, can be roughly divided into three parts: south, center and north. The south is a dirty fishing enclosure, the center is an excellent beach, the north is a sparsely crowded beach along the wastelands. The south is shallow and rocky, the center has a relatively deep sea with a clean bottom, and the north has underwater reefs and high waves, especially in windy weather. Kamala today is a full-fledged tourist resort, so on the shore there are all the attributes for a beach holiday, from sun loungers to aquabikes.

If you run your eyes along the coastline of Kamala, the sequence of objects on the beach will be something like this: a resort, a vacant lot, a drainage system, another wasteland, a resort, a hotel, a hotel, a drainage system, a vacant lot, a bridge, the end of the beach. As I said - Kamala is not yet fully mastered. The place to stay can be chosen between hotels, guesthouses and private houses, depending on the length of your stay. The main attraction of Kamala, where the buses bring package tourists, is the entertainment center Phuket FantaSea, in Russian it is read as Phuket Fancy.

More about Kamala with photos and descriptions.


Kamala Village

Thai Kamala Village belongs to inexpensive hotels with a good location - this is its main advantage, which compensates for minor mistakes of the staff and the shortcomings of old rooms. Thai Kamala Village is located on the first line, almost in the middle of Kamala Beach, within walking distance to the sea, not far from decent cafes and Thai restaurants. The hotel has a polite and smiling Thai-style staff, who often disappear from the reception and are not always ready to pick up your belongings upon check-in. But there is free WiFi, nice prices for cocktails and a comfortable family vacation.

More expensive

Kamala Layalina Hotel

Wabi-sabi layalina x’Clusive Beachfront Boutique Resort Phuket. The hotel has a convenient location, has its own good restaurant, as well as good catering establishments within walking distance of Layalina Hotel Phuket. The hotel has cozy rooms where thorough cleaning is carried out daily, beautiful balconies and terraces. By the way, you don't have to go down to the restaurant for breakfast - if you wish, you can have breakfast on your terrace. Some products are not included in the price of breakfast, and if you order something with bacon or eggs, they will be included in your additional bill when you check out..

Here are the direct links to the indicated hotels in the RoomGuru service: Thai kamala village and Wabi-sabi layalina x’Clusive Beachfront Boutique Resort Phuket .

Hotels on Bang Tao beach

Briefly about the beach

A great place for a long-term stay, one of two beaches on the west coast of Phuket, which is located in a valley and not fenced off by mountains, the longest beach on the island - that's what Bang Tao is. The infrastructure around the beach is geared towards meeting the needs of tourists, longsters and locals. Bang Tao area is located close to the airport and 30 km from Phuket Town. A large number of shops of various levels are concentrated here, the tourism sector is developed and a large number of resorts have been built, in which houses are rented out at reasonable prices..

About seven kilometers of loose yellow-gray sand, 30-40 meters wide, stretched between two rocky headlands from south to north. During the day, you can take refuge in the shade of coniferous trees, and in the evening you can enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of the sunset. Unlike the popular resorts of Koh Samui and Krabi, in Phuket the sun sets not on the mainland or neighboring islands, but in the sea. So the sunsets in Phuket are the most beautiful. Bang Tao beach is not crowded, quiet and very beautiful, with a smooth coastline and a sandy clean bottom.

The main life is concentrated in the south of Bang Tao, where establishments with services for tourists, cafes and restaurants are concentrated. The middle of the beach in the first and second line is occupied by large luxury hotels and resorts, some of which are located around the lakes and reservoirs of the valley. The northern part is more deserted and not explored by either hoteliers or locals. The first line of Bang Tao is occupied for the most part by very expensive villas.

More about Bang Tao with photos and descriptions.


Bang tao one-d house

You can inexpensively live a couple of weeks in Bang Tao in One D House - an excellent, cozy place for a relaxing holiday from the bustle of the world. Nearby there is everything you need for relaxation and comfortable rest: restaurants, shops, massage parlors within a 5-minute walk from the hotel reception. Nice, friendly staff work at One D House. Fruit is brought to the rooms for breakfast as a surprise from the establishment, they clean the rooms without any complaints and do not take someone else's. The room has all the necessary household appliances, including a kettle, but what pleases most is the walking distance to the beach..

More expensive

Bang tao Sunwing Resort

You can spend a couple of weeks expensively at Sunwing Resort & Spa Bangtao Beach. The price justifies the fact that this is a wonderful family-run hotel, with an excellent children's room, where, at your request, a fold-out crib and a high chair will be provided. The hotel has several pools, including a children's pool, as well as a free children's menu. In front of Sunwing Resort & Spa Bangtao Beach, the beach is constantly cleaned, and the inner territory is a well-groomed and beautiful palm grove.

Here are the direct links to the indicated hotels in the RoomGuru service: One d house and Sunwing Resort & Spa Bangtao Beach .

Hotels on Surin Beach

Briefly about the beach

The compact 800-meter Surin is located between the two large beaches Kamala and Bang Tao, a little off the main road 4233. The bay with a 40-meter wide beach stretches from cape to cape and is a rather cozy, but damn popular place among tourists. Surin's infrastructure is still far from ideal, and mainly offers services and amenities for tourists. If you are not going to settle here for a long time, then the existing establishments and a large parking lot near the beach will be more than enough for a good rest. The closest hypermarket to Surin is located in neighboring Bang Tao, the airport and Phuket Town are about 30-40 minutes away by songteo.

The width of Surin Beach varies from 40 meters at high tide to 60 meters at low tide. The beach is partially hidden under the shade of rare trees, and most of the shady area is occupied by sun loungers. Before the military junta cleaned the beaches of Phuket from «beach mafia», illegal traders and unauthorized cafes - sun loungers occupied almost the entire space of the beach; they were placed from the cliff in the south to the cliff in the north in 4-5 rows. Now it has become freer here, and the local small business does not interfere with walking on the soft sand. The slope of the coast on Surin is relatively steep, the sea depth does not increase sharply.

The main buildings of Surin Beach are located 200 meters from the sea, behind the road. For the most part, these are small buildings: cafes, restaurants, shops, internet cafes and travel agencies. There are several large hotels and almost no private rental houses. And between the road and the sea, for some reason, a huge wasteland, also known as a park, has been left. A stadium is being built nearby, there is an old Buddhist temple and ample parking for the transport of tourists who did not check into Surin hotels and come from other areas of Phuket.

More about Surin with photos and descriptions.


Surin Malee Hotel

If you consider Surin as a vacation residence, then read reviews about the cozy and quiet Malee Hotel. Clean, spacious rooms with large balconies, minibars and minimal appliances. The hotel's restaurant has an excellent chef, and the prices are quite affordable, breakfast is included in the price. Nice, clean swimming pool on site. Malee Hotel is located like all hotels in Surin - at a distance of 200 m from the beach, but in the center of the resort area. Nearby there are a lot of shops, makashny row, fruit market, massage and bars.

More expensive

Surin manathai

And, in a higher class - Manathai Surin Phuket Resort, a clean stylish hotel, with a large selection of products for breakfast, not just the usual Thai sausages and eggs. The hotel is located close to the sea, has its own section of the beach with free sun loungers for hotel guests. Polite staff, clean rooms, cozy interior decoration.

Here are the direct links to the indicated hotels in the RoomGuru service: Malee Hotel and Manathai Surin Phuket Resort .

Hotels on Naithon Beach

Briefly about the beach

Not the smallest beach in Phuket, but the smallest on the northern west coast. On this edge of the island there are two mountains, with a height of about 250-300 meters, at the base of which there is a very small flat land area, where the infrastructure of Naithon Beach is located. The only road 4018 of secondary importance passes between the mountains. The distance to the airport is about 8 km, the distance to the bridge connecting the mainland with Phuket is about 30 km, to Phuket Town is also 30 km..

The beach is a strip of sand just under 1 km long and 30 meters wide at high tide, up to 50-70 meters at low tide. The sand on Knighton Beach is coarse, dark yellow in color and squeaks just like on Karon. Due to its size, the sand quickly settles in the surf and the sea almost always has a pleasant transparency. It should be noted that Knighton, due to its shallow water, does not suffer from waves and rough seas. Casuarinas are planted along the beach, which provide good shade, but only until noon. Like all west-facing beaches, Knighton lacks natural sources of shade. The slope of the bottom is gentle, the increase in depth is long, and at low tide the sea goes far from the coast.

Road 4018 runs along all of Knighton, which then takes you uphill and takes you to a nearby beach. There are no multi-storey capital buildings between the road and the sea, there are only rare cafes and bars made of light materials and awnings. In the area of ​​Knighton Beach there are several large hotels that occupy the entire second line. In principle, this does not limit your choice, hotels offer several types of accommodation, from luxury apartments to bungalows. But if you want, if you go deeper, you can find free-standing inexpensive guesthouses.

More about Knighton with photos and descriptions.


Naithon Beach Mansion

Their inexpensive recommendation is Naithon Beach Mansion. Excellent masseurs, modest breakfast «in American», safe in the room, stable and powerful WiFi throughout the mini-hotel, where there are only 12 rooms in the entire building. The presence of a sink and a socket on the balcony turned out to be unexpectedly convenient. Clean rooms, close location to the sea. There is a problem with parking the car, but there is plenty of space for motorbikes. By the way, they can be rented in the airport area, because on Naithon itself the prices are higher.

More expensive

Naithon Beach Resort

More expensive hotel - Pullman Phuket Arcadia Naithon Beach Resort. Nice restaurant with an excellent chef, hotel with spacious rooms, friendly staff. A deep pool where you don't have to stand waist-deep in water, a good playroom for children and a gym 24 hours a day. The beach starts right outside the gates of the hotel, and the movement around the hotel will be provided by the staff in electric vehicles..
Is the hotel available at a cheaper price, for example, on Agoda, Ostrovka and others. It happens often.

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