Suan Son military beach in Hua Hin - semi-wild for kids

Pine or military (as our tourists call it), but actually Suan Son beach is located on the same coastal line as Takiab beach, about a kilometer away.

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Beach description

Distinctive features of the beach:

- a fringe of evergreen, needle-like casuarines, which outwardly look like conifers (for which the beach was nicknamed «pine»);
- sparsely populated, if not to say desolation;
- lack of beach infrastructure.

A row of casuarins stretched for hundreds of meters along the coast. Between the trees and the sea - a 50-meter wide, rather monotonous strip of sand. Dirty sand (white + black), compressed, sometimes sprouted with greenery. There are no picturesque stones on Suan Son beach, like on a city beach, rocks or at least hills, like on Sai Noi Beach and Thakiab beach. But you can admire Takiab and Tao from afar.

Perhaps this is the perfect place for walks and gatherings in the shade of chic casuarines, but some may find it half-wild and boring. In addition, on windy days, which often happen in the coastal strip of Hua Hin, the sand unhindered sweeps both sunbathers and their belongings, and even squeaks on their teeth..

Entering the water, depth and waves

The bottom at Suan Son beach is sandy, without pebbles and silt, even flatter than on Thakiab beach. Shallow water - a good fifty meters. To climb up to the waist, you will have to wander about 20 meters, and at least the same amount - so that the water is shoulder-deep. It's good to wander along the edge or splash in the shallows here, but not swim.

Ebb - The tide is as frequent as on other beaches in Hua Hin. At low tide, the sea loses ground for another hundred meters, exposing the bottom.

The water is more transparent than in the city, but also with an admixture of sand. Small crabs and birds were spotted among the living creatures. There are almost no shells on the shore.

Sun beds and shade

Casuarines provide chic shade. On a windy day, it can even be chilly under their canopy..
On a weekday, there are no signs of beach infrastructure: sunbeds, sun loungers, umbrellas. The modest cafes familiar to the eye are also absent. Probably, beach accessories in the form of sun loungers and umbrellas appear on Suan Son spontaneously, in response to demand. For example, on weekends, when companies of Thais come to rest..

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Shops and attractions on the beach

Very close to the coast - a specialized complex, quite possibly an army hotel-hostel, designed for Thais. On its territory there is a good free car parking open to everyone. Golf course not protected from the naughty wind. A school-like dining room with a small assortment of dishes at low prices (menu in Thai). In the fridge - a modest set of drinks at prices «7-11». The walls are decorated with children's drawings. The staff looks at farangs in surprise.

No shops seen in the vicinity.

Houses and hotels on the beach

The Suan Son area is slurred. A neat complex (with a canteen and a parking lot) flaunts in the middle of an unkempt, as if no man's, wasteland. By this «virgin soil» and you can go to the sea. To the right of the beach, closer to Khao Tao, right on the shore is a very decent hotel, immersed in greenery and with a swimming pool separated from Siam by a thin strip of sand. Great! (Price - from $ 45 / night.) In some places, among the casuarin tops, the roofs of the same type of houses stick out - it is likely, «for rent». There is also a golf club with a sleek course. Both the hotel and the club are part of the sports center of the Royal Thai Army, but are open to all.

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How to get to the beach

Suan Son Beach is about 7 km from the center of Hua Hin. You can get there by bike or car. There are no shuttle buses and tuk-tuk.

On the road Petch Kasem rd. move south, out of town. From the road junction at the exit from the city - again straight, towards Sai Noi beach. There are no signposts, so keep an eye on the left side of the highway. Tags: gas station, yellow brick building with inscriptions: «Army rehabilitation and recreation center», «Army sports center» - and a wide, two-way turn to the left. That way. On the road there is a booth with soldiers on duty: the Suan Son area is under the supervision of the military. Civilians are admitted unhindered.


Pass the army men straight on the road, turn left and all the way to the parking lot. From there, three minutes walk - and the sea.

Alternatively, you can walk along the coast from Takiab beach.

Suan son location

Suan Son Beach Map

Suan Son Beach Map: