Private beach at Andaman White Beach Resort

Andaman Beach Resort can be called private, even if it goes against the Thai law, which secures the ownership of the entire coastline of Thailand for the royal family. In fact, it often turns out that a hotel built on a small beach itself determines whether to let strangers pass through its private territory or not..

In theory, they should always leave a clear passage outside their fence, but this requirement is often ignored. To get to this magnificent tropical beach, you have to smile a lot at the hotel administrator and come up with a very good reason to go. Works guaranteed «Aim looking like fo hanimun».

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Beach description

The beach is very wide, about 50 meters from the palm trees to the surf line. The length of the beach is also quite comfortable - about 250 meters. And there is where to walk, and people do not crowd at arm's length. Wet sand has a yellowish tint, but dry sand begins to cut the eyes with a dazzling white color, bewitching and delighting.

The beach at Andaman White Beach Resort is a truly beautiful place, well-groomed and authentic, devoid of crowds, pesky vendors and rubbish. And it's very difficult to get here.

Entering the water, depth and waves

The beach is incredibly flat and flat, but after 30-50 meters under water, the depth reaches frightening values. It is an ideal beach for swimming, with waves in windy and stormy seasons. On calm days, there are idyllic landscapes, the stunning color of the sea and the mesmerizing play of waves in the surf.

A real tropical bounty if you like. Entry into the water is clean along the entire length of the beach, but in some places you can find boulders sticking out of the stones - it is difficult to step on them, they can be taller than you.

Sun beds and shade

Sun loungers are provided by the hotel. And if you get shade on the territory of the hotel from the garden and palm trees, then on the shore, in addition to umbrellas, you will be offered double VIP canopies.

There are not so many of them, and I did not ask - they need to be rented for an additional fee, or they are given to guests according to the principle «who got up first, the one and the slippers». In general, given the fact that this is almost a private beach of one hotel, a beach vacation here is provided with everything you need.

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The infrastructure on the beach is the only one that the hotel itself can offer. Within a kilometer radius around the beach, there is not a single retail outlet or tourist service - everything is in the hotel. So you have only three options to spend your time here normally - bring what you need with you, buy what you need at the hotel, or book a room here and spend your vacation..

In my opinion - the third is much preferable, although hotel reviews are not always enthusiastic.

Houses and hotels on the beach

The one and only hotel on the beach is Andaman Beach Resort. But if for any reason it seems unattractive to you, try clicking on the green button below.

Hotels near the beach>

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For the lazy, here is a direct link to the above hotel: Andaman Beach Resort

How to find the beach

You can come here for some abnormal money in a taxi, or on your own - in a rented vehicle (write down the label on the map). You won't get here from the sea - boatmen will refuse to moor on this beach.

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Beach Map

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Andaman White Beach Resort Beach Map

Andaman White Beach Resort Beach Map: