Remembering a few days in Hong Kong - video

I have already been to Hong Kong twice and I want more. I don’t know if I could live there, but sometimes coming for a week would definitely suit me. A city of glass and metal, inscribed in a natural landscape, a combination of Asian flavor and modern Western civilization, it is not clear why, but so sincere. Repeatedly already wrote about Hong Kong, and in particular about that trip, and now here is a short video, a cut of 5 days. By the way, I didn't mount it myself, look what happened.

Video about Hong Kong

We flew from China (Sanya) via Hong Kong specifically to save on air tickets. But it would be stupid to pass it in transit, especially since Daria did not see him, so they decided to make a stop for 5 days. Of which 3 days were spent on illness. But still, we managed to walk around the city. We visited pique Victoria, went to Science Museum, looked into Hong kong park, and, of course, walked along Avenue of Stars. I have a whole heading about Hong Kong gathered, who is going to Hong Kong, you can look through.

Custom video

The video was edited not by me, but by my good friend. I decided to try to outsource the video editing, since my hands do not get to do this. Perhaps because of this, I almost stopped filming video and do not conduct the channel. It’s sense, then the source codes lie and lie, after all, my main project is text. Yes, and why shouldn't I keep a video blog for now?.

In my opinion, it turned out very cool. Perhaps some mega-pros are doing better, but I would definitely not have done better myself. Unfortunately, such installation costs do not pay off in my case, so I still won't run a youtube channel even with outsourcing. Such vidos will be only occasionally. But, as I have said many times, if an idea for a million for a new channel suddenly appears, then I will definitely take care of it, all the more so now I know who will do the editing for me. I can recommend.