Macbook Silicone Keyboard Cover - Video Review

Once I migrated to Mac OX from Windows, and generally satisfied with everything. Except for one - the curves of the hands of some servicemen. I still haven't decided the consequences of their work, but I'll talk about it some other time..

As I wrote in my Macbook review’e, we lived for one month in Gelendzhik and then my son spilled tea on my keyboard. Then it all ended with opening the laptop and rebuilding the trackpad. Since then, I have always tried to keep all cups and other liquids away. But the son did not stop at his own and took and wrote to me on the keyboard 🙂

The content of the article

Silicone keyboard pad

For tea and food lovers at a laptop, such a thing can be very useful. Yes, yes, I know that liquids and food do not belong next to a computer, but nevertheless.

Where can I buy

In general, I was advised for a long time that you can buy a silicone keyboard overlay for the Macbook, and I decided that I was tired of taking risks, suddenly the child would spill something on my keyboard. The first time I bought it in Thailand in the Apple brand store for 790 baht, which is really dofig! I overpaid for the brand, probably, I have JCPAL and Moshi pads were also sold in the branded stores. However, in our Moscow stores these overlays are also or more expensive, and there they are mainly for RU keyboards, and I have a USA version (the Enter button is different).

Therefore, an option for those who are ready to wait is to buy on Aliexpress. Prices for $ 1, you can immediately take a pack. Here is one of these overlays for the Mac, but there are also other laptops. Visually, everything is the same as the branded one. I took Ali for the second time, I did not see the difference at all, one to one.

Life hack - when shopping on Aliexpress, you can get cashback up to 11% through the EPN service (they have a plug-in for the browser, an application for the phone). I wrote everything in great detail in my instructions, what it is and how to use it. Well, and Ali, you already know why you need it, there is a bunch of useful things.

Why a pack, you ask? Because these pads will stretch in the middle after a few months. Not too annoying, but it's better when it doesn't bristle too much. So it's better to buy a pack of Chinese linings at once, and not one brand.

Silicone keyboard pad

Silicone keyboard pad


At the moment, I have been using a MacBook with an overlay for two years now, and it does not bother me much. Fingers are accustomed to, typing is as comfortable as without it. But now I'm not so dumb, the chances of damaging the keyboard due to liquid have become less. The only pity is that the touchpad is still in danger 🙂

By the way, what worried me the most was whether I could close my laptop and transport it without removing the cover. Considering that there is even an official statement from Apple on the Internet, which does not recommend closing the Claudia on Retina with all kinds of protections, they say, the gap there is very small and you can damage the screen. I don’t know, maybe there’s some possibility, but I don’t feel at all when I close the lid that something is interfering with it. It closes in the same way, so it seems to me that these super-thin overlays fit into the gap, and nothing bad will happen, only a print remains on the screen. In any case, you can remove it if it is annoying.


P.S. It is better not to buy a colored or black overlay, the backlighting of the keys will be difficult to see under it.