Where to eat in Venice - inexpensive and tasty

Where to eat in Venice?

Where to eat in Venice?

"Where to eat in Venice?" - a topical question for travelers who have come to rest in this unique city, which is considered quite expensive. But here you can find many establishments offering tasty and inexpensive food (the further from the tourist center, the lower the prices). If you don't want to go broke on food, then you should avoid the restaurants located between Piazza St. Marco and Ponte di Rialto. When visiting local restaurants, you will be offered to taste pizza, pasta, seafood, risotto, moleche (small fried crabs).

Where to eat in Venice cheap?

It is advisable to look for budget restaurants in residential areas (Fondamenta della Misericordia, Fondamenta degli Ormesini, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi).

If your goal is to save money, head to eateries like Panetterria, Pizza al taglio, Forno. You should definitely go to the pizzeria Arte della Pizza - here, according to the locals, the most delicious pizza is prepared, costing from 5 euros (cost of 1 piece - from 1.5 euros).

In search of budget food, you should take a closer look at the Rosticceria San Bartolomeo diner - here, from a huge assortment, guests can choose their favorite dish at affordable prices. So, a salad will cost you 3 euros, a roast with potatoes - 8 euros, fried seafood - 12 euros (the cost of meals will be reduced by 10-20% if you decide to order food to go).

Where to eat in Venice delicious?

  • L'Osteria di Santa Marina: in this place you can enjoy Venetian dishes - spicy fish appetizers, fresh and pickled fish dishes, veal with chestnuts, gorgonzola parfait. If you wish, here you can order dishes from the tasting menu - it includes 8 dishes, with a total cost of 75 euros.
  • Met: This 2 Michelin-starred restaurant serves sevruga caviar with violets, steamed scallops, Jerusalem artichoke puree. In addition, while relaxing here, you can admire the views of the canal and the bay from the windows of this establishment..
  • Algiubagio: this restaurant is famous for its exquisite cuisine and original presentation of dishes. For an appetizer, you should try tuna tartare with honey and wasabi, Parma ham, beef carpaccio, firstly - seafood ravioli, green pasta with marjoram and lobster, as the main course - beef with sweet and sour sauce or gorgonzola cheese, and for dessert - tiramisu, flambé pancakes with dark chocolate and strawberries.
  • Trattoria da Romano: This restaurant offers fine cuisine and excellent interiors (decorated with paintings by Italian artists). Here you can try fish risotto and other dishes based on fish and seafood. In addition, gastronomic thematic tastings are regularly held here - the chef invites his guests to try dishes based on fish or meat according to the author's recipe..

Gastronomic tours of Venice

A gastronomic tour of Venice involves a walk in the Cannaregio area - there are many bars and restaurants where you will be invited to try national dishes and get acquainted with the peculiarities of Venetian life.

Venice invites its guests to satisfy their hunger in coffee houses, cafes, restaurants, trattorias. So, you can have breakfast here in one of the street cafes, and dine in a restaurant by the water.


  • Where to eat in Venice?
  • Where to eat in Venice?
  • Where to eat in Venice?