Tax free in Italy. Tax-free refund principle in Italy

Tax free in Italy

Tax free in Italy

Many tourists tend to enjoy the tax free while shopping in Italy. This approach contributes to achieving maximum savings, because the standard VAT rate in Italy is 22% (up to summer 2013 it was 20%).

Ways to get tax free

There are two options for VAT refunds: on your own, directly during cooperation with the seller, or through intermediaries.

If you plan to make a return directly, after the goods are exported abroad, you must send by mail an invoice with a special note from the customs about the perfect fact of export, another option is to draw up the documents directly in the store. The main advantage is that you can get the full amount of VAT, namely 22%. There is only one drawback: sellers rarely agree to direct cooperation and prefer mediation.

Tax free can be refunded by contacting an intermediary company, namely Tax Refund S.p.a, Global Blue or Premier Tax Free. Each store cooperates with a specific company. In this situation, you can significantly simplify the procedure for receiving funds, but at the same time you can only return 11%.

Terms of use tax free

The goods are exported from Italy to a state that is not a member of the European Union. In this case, the customs must put a mark confirming that this happened within three months from the date of purchase..

Tax free in Italy is available from 154.94 euros (VAT included). Moreover, this amount must be spent within one day and not necessarily in one store - this is spelled out in the official rules. In reality, tax free can only be used if the amount was reached while shopping in one store. However, in the Rinassento shopping center, you can visit different shops, and at the end of the day visit the Global blue office in order to issue one tax free.

Stages of registration of tax free and VAT refund

When you decide to work with an intermediary company, you need to proceed in stages. In the store, you must receive an invoice with the filled in personal data, the indicated amount and your signature.

When you leave Italy, a stamp must be affixed at customs. If you are planning a further trip, the stamp must be put in the last country before leaving the European Union. In this case, you should show the purchased and unused goods to the customs officer.

Cash can be obtained by contacting Cas refund. If possible, funds will be credited to your bank card. When it is not possible to go through this stage, fill out a special form and send it in an envelope to the address of the company.

Agree, it is very easy to use tax free and it will make shopping in Italy even more pleasant.!


  • Tax free in Italy
  • Tax free in Italy
  • Tax free in Italy