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Tours to Bologna

Tours to Bologna

When asked what unites little useless dogs, the best meat sauce for spaghetti and practical raincoats, the experienced traveler will fluently answer that they all come from Bologna. The capital of the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy is a city of European culture and a creative city of music according to UNESCO, and the locals themselves consider it the most beautiful and best of many Italian cities and towns. You can find a lot of reasons to organize tours to Bologna, especially since the climate here is pleasant, the flight is not so long, and the hospitality of Italians does not need any recommendations at all.

Culinary capital

This is how the Bolognese unofficially call their city, because it was they who invented not only the sauce of the same name for pasta, but also blinded tortellini for the first time, taking the navel of the goddess Venus as a model. However, the tagliatelle themselves, which are usually generously seasoned with meat bolognese sauce, appeared right here.
History and cuisine in Bologna are closely linked. In the Middle Ages, it was here that famous chefs lived, who even studied at the local university, founded by the very first in Europe in the 11th century..

Briefly about the important

  • The local climate guarantees the participants of the tour to Bologna mild winters and hot summers. Strong fluctuations in precipitation are not observed here, and the largest amount of them falls in April and May. Snow rarely occurs in winter, and the air temperature does not drop below +2 degrees. High humidity makes the summer heat quite stuffy, and therefore it is best to plan your trip in the spring or autumn..
  • Direct flights from Russia to the international airport of the capital of Emilia-Romagna are carried out several times a week, and the easiest way to get from the terminal located just a few kilometers from the city is by regular bus.
  • The easiest way to take a sightseeing tour as part of a tour to Bologna is on a red double-decker bus. The route starts at the central station, and on the way its passengers have time to see all the main attractions and have the opportunity to get off at any one they like..

Image from Saint Luke

One of the main relics of the city, to which pilgrimage tours to Bologna are made, is the icon of the Virgin Mary and Child. Saint Luke is considered to be its author. The image is located in a Catholic sanctuary on Guard Hill, and the 18th century building itself is a national monument..


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  • Tours to Bologna