How long to fly from New York to Moscow? Time of flight New York - Moscow

How long to fly from New York to Moscow?

How long to fly from New York to Moscow?

Surely in New York you have visited the Hudson River cruise, saw the symbol of the city - the Statue of Liberty, visited the Metropolitan Museum, spent time in Central Park, walked along Broadway, attended sports events (most of them take place in the summer) ... But the vacation has come to an end and it's time to go home.

How long is a direct flight from New York to Moscow?

A large US city and the Russian capital are separated by just over 7,500 km, and you will be able to cover this distance in 9.5 hours. And going from New York towards Moscow together with Aeroflot, Transaero or Delta Airlines, you will spend 9 hours and 5 minutes on the road..

It should be noted that you will be able to purchase a ticket New York - Moscow for at least 17,000 rubles (direct flight).

Flight New York - Moscow with a transfer

On the way to Moscow, you may be offered to use connecting flights and make a transfer in London, Paris, Frankfurt am Main, Dusseldorf, Zurich, Prague, Geneva or Vienna. In this case, your flight will end in 10-31 hours.

If your route is based on a transfer in Dusseldorf ("Air Berlin"), you will land at Domodedovo airport in 13 hours, if a connection is planned in Casablanca ("Royal Air Maroc"), you will be at Sheremetyevo airport in 14 hours. hours, and if you fly via London ("Virgin Atlantic"), your flight will end in 13 hours 05 minutes, and land at Vnukovo airport.

If, on the way to Moscow, you have to make two transfers, for example, in Hamburg and St. Petersburg ("United Airlines"), you will be home in 18.5 hours (you will spend almost 12 hours on the flight, and while waiting for the docking - 6.5 hours).

Choosing an airline

You can get from New York to Moscow by using the services of such air carriers (they use Airbus A 330, Boeing 747, Fokker 100 Jet, Airbus A 330-200 and other airliners to transport passengers), such as: "Delta Airlines"; "Transaero"; British Airlines; "AustrianAirlines", "AirFrance", "Finnair", "AirBaltic" and others.

The direction you need is served by John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK). While waiting for your flight, you will be able to use the services of wireless Internet, currency exchange offices, shops, boutiques, kiosks with books, cafes and restaurants. In addition, for travelers with children, there are special playrooms and lounges at the airport..

Things to do on the plane?

During a rather long air travel, you can sleep, occupy yourself with reading, and also finally decide which of your loved ones to give memorable gifts bought in New York.This can be, for example, designer clothes and accessories, souvenirs with the image of the national flag or with photographs American presidents, amulets and talismans made by American Indians.


  • How long to fly from New York to Moscow?
  • How long to fly from New York to Moscow?
  • How long to fly from New York to Moscow?