Transportation in New York. Public transport in New York - types, development

Transportation in New York

Transportation in New York

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is the brain that directs a huge army of vehicles that ply daily and nightly in the most famous metropolis of the planet..

Public transport in New York is represented by: trains (including the subway); by buses; famous yellow taxis; ferries. In addition to them, you can find here bicycles, luxury limousines, democratic rental cars, convenient for exploring the city and its attractions..

The most famous metro

The subway, located in New York, is the oldest on the American continent and one of the most extensive among similar modes of transport in the world..

Some lines of the city metro in certain places duplicate each other, but may differ in the number of stops, a trip on one of the lines is dropped-off passengers only at junction stations. The complexity of the scheme can confuse even a city dweller, not to mention tourists. In addition, the subway is rather dirty, sometimes you can see a rat crawling out of the dark, the air conditioning system works specifically. It can be very stuffy in summer, at night the intervals between trains can increase up to 30 minutes..

New York Public

Such a definition can be easily assigned to a city taxi, which carries out millions of transfers daily. Tourists are aware that real local taxis are painted bright yellow (everyone knows about this from American films), have a personal number that is written on the lantern installed on the roof. Further confirmation is a metal badge on the bonnet, windshield stickers and a mandatory counter..

A taxi will only stop with a lit lantern, which means that it is free and working. Gratuities are mandatory, their amount reaches 20% of the payment, all tolls are also charged to the passenger.

Alternative transport

An interesting way to travel around New York is ferries, which carry pedestrian and cyclist passengers. The most popular boat departs from Manhattan, and offers gorgeous views of the city from its side.

The second pleasant surprise for tourists traveling by ferry will be free travel, and the opportunity to calmly get to the desired point during rush hour will not be missed by any guest of the metropolis..


  • Transportation in New York
  • Transportation in New York
  • Transportation in New York