Nature reserves of the USA: national, nature reserves of the USA

Reserves of the USA

Reserves of the USA

The classification of specially protected areas in the United States of America can seem quite confusing. As objects with a similar status, there are not only US reserves and national parks, but also historical sites, battlefields, memorials, sea and lake shores, trails, roads and even old cemeteries..

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Among the variety of reserves in the United States and other specially protected areas, one and a half dozen stand out, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. These natural reserves, of course, break all records in terms of the number of tourists visiting them annually:

  • Yellowstone as a national park appeared on the map of the country in 1872 and became the first nature reserve in the United States. Up to three million people come here every year, because the park contains a record number of natural attractions. The Yellowstone Geyser Field is one of five on the planet, and the lake of the same name is located in the center of a dormant supervolcano. Almost 500 km of paved roads and 1,770 km of hiking trails lead to the main attractions, and in order to stay in one of the hotels or campgrounds in the park, you should book a place in them several months in advance.,
  • Yosemite is a US nature reserve, famous for its natural landscapes. The lakes and groves of giant sequoias, waterfalls and granite cliffs in this California national park are featured prominently in the pages of tourist advertisements. Due to the huge popularity of Yosemite among tourists, cars are allowed into the park in the summer only if the passengers have booked a hotel or camping. Others can visit the sights of the reserve by shuttle bus, bicycle or on foot.
  • The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee is the most visited nature reserve in the United States. Up to 9 million people annually visit its territory, and the main attraction of the park is the longest continuous pedestrian road in the world. The famous Appalachian Trail stretches for 3.5 thousand kilometers from Mount Katadin in Maine to Springer in Georgia.

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  • Reserves of the USA
  • Reserves of the USA