Equipment, photos, equipment, children's - our list of models

Since we are sometimes asked about certain things, I decided to post a list of what we use here. And then it lies in my Evernote and does not bring any benefit, but in any case I always write down all the models, so that later I can quickly find what I have already bought, for advice to friends or to re-purchase, this is very convenient. Of course, something here is already outdated and not for sale, but most of the things are still in stores..

All products, especially appliances, I choose with great care. And it doesn't matter if it's a kettle for 800 rubles, or a MacBook for 50 thousand. It just so happened that I couldn't do otherwise, I definitely read the reviews and compare. Therefore, for many years no one has given me anything without my knowledge, they simply won’t guess. On the other hand, I do not consider myself a guru either, especially since everyone has different requirements and budgets. Nevertheless, I can recommend all of the above for purchase, since we use it ourselves and almost never have to change something..

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Computer and other equipment

Life hack - when shopping on Aliexpress, you can get cashback up to 11% through the EPN service (they have a plug-in for the browser, an application for the phone). I wrote everything in great detail in my instructions, what it is and how to use it. Well, and Ali, you already know why you need it, there is a bunch of everything useful and inexpensive.


Asus 1015PE
HP PAVILION dv6-3030er (given to mom, still alive)
Acer Aspire TimelineX 3830TG (earlier with me, now with Daria)
MacBook Pro 13 Retina (i5 2500 Mhz / 8Gb / 128Gb SSD, my review)


Nokia 1100 (battery life)
Samsung Witu
Samsung GT-E1081T (used as a second, tenacious battery)
Lenovo IdeaPhone P780 (I gave it to my mom, inexpensive and with full functionality, but there is a nuance with frequencies)
Nokia Asha 200 (I use it as a second one, 2 SIM cards, a tenacious battery)
Samsung Galaxy S3 (mine, with new firmware slows down)
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini duos (Daria, 2 sim cards, works fine)

Bluetooth headset

Nokia BH-609 (Daria, it works well, you can hear everything perfectly)
I haven't chosen myself yet

The tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800 16Gb (not bad, but already slow)

SLR cameras

Canon EOS 500D Kit
Canon EOS 7D Body
Switching to mirrorless is planned


Canon EF-S 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6 II (great value for money, think 10x before splurging on more expensive ones)
Canon EF 24-105mm f / 4L
Tokina AT-X 116 Pro

Mirrorless cameras

Canon PowerShot A720
Sony HX5V (excellent video shot)
Sony Nex-6 or Sony Alpha A6000 (to replace DSLRs)


SLIK Sprint Pro II 3W (weight 1 kg, load 2 kg, in principle withstands 7D + shirik)

External hard drive

Rigid externally powered
Samsung HX-M101UAB 1TB
Hitachi Touro Mobile MX3 1TB
Western Digital WDBU6Y0020BBK 2TB


Samsung ML-2015 (paper feed mechanism broken)
Brother HL-2132R (bought for mom, laser, bw, fast, inexpensive, no problems with refilling toner)
Brother DCP-7057WR (MFP, Wifi, laser, bw, no problems with cartridges)

Wifi router

D-link DSL-2640U (started to fail a year later)
From Online put Upvel UR-315BN (a year later it started to fail)
TP-Link TL-WR841N (I bought it for my mom, I will buy it for myself soon, it works fine)

Computer speakers

Genius SP-HF1255A (gave it to mom, inexpensive, in a wooden case)
JBL Micro Wireless (Daria, Simple, Wireless, Compact)


Sennheiser CX-300 (second in a row, last a long time)
Sony MDR-EX50LP (inexpensive, but I like the sound)

Mp3 radio tape recorder

Sony ZS-RS09 (grandmother)
Rolsen RBM-411 (Egor)

Travel equipment

Wrist Watch

Casio BG-1201-2B (Daria, waterproof 10 ATM, paint peeled off in 2 years)
Casio AQF-100WD-9B (mine, waterproof 10 ATM, there is a thermometer, the glass is easily scratched, I do not take off for 5 years)

Belt bags

Urban Tool HipHolster (hip bag, essentially just like pockets)
Deuter Belt II (2 pcs)

Urban backpacks

Samsonite Debyte U18 * 006 (dear, after 2 years the lightning broke)
Quechua Arpenaz 27 - 2 pieces (inexpensive, outwardly compact, but fits a lot)

Backpacks and bags

Lowepro Nova 180 AW (lightning broke a year later)
Tenba Mixx Small TopLoad (compact and lightweight, fits exactly 7d + 24-105)
Think Tank Photo Digital Holster (lengthening bottom, heavy, my review)
Kata 3N1-33 (everything is well thought out, my review)

Hiking backpacks

Nova Tour Slalom 40
Nova Tour Canyon 70
Loop Broad Peak 60-100 - 2 pcs
Tatonka Luna 40 (given to mom)
Tatonka Isis 60
Deuter AirContact Pro 65 + 15


Normal Neva 5 (large)
Salewa Khamsin II (light 2 kg, not strong and the bottom needs to be soaked)
Normal Troubadour 2 (roomy, 3 slender, large vestibule, medium weight)

Sleeping bags

Nova Tour Headrest Blanket
Nordway Ultralight (0.9 kg, very compact, up to +15 deg)
Loap Alaska 2 pcs (1 kg, left / right, up to +10 degrees)
Loap St. Anton 2 pcs (2.1 kg, there is a left right, up to -5 degrees)

Head Torch

Cheap chinese
Petzl tikka xp 2 pcs (waterproof, working for a long time, light, different modes)

Kids' things

Hanging feeding chair

Chicco 360 (heavy, for any table)
Inglesina Fast (light, compact, quick to assemble, for travel, but not on every table)

Sports complex

Early start (my review)


Playpen bed Jetem C2 (foldable, suitable for travel, changing table included)

Slings, ergonomic backpacks

Ring Sling (SSK) from Didimos Aqua
Babysabye Luk Keo Sling Scarf
Hipseat Pognae
Sling with Medley rings
Sling scarf Indio Slate
Sling pocket from Didymos Wave Lind (Lime)
Ergo Backpack Koala Carrie Baby
Scarf backpack of the Karaush brand from the Girasol 24 scarf
Ring Sling (CCK) Babysabye
Scarf backpack from Karaush brand from Yammy Mammy MoonLight scarf
Ring sling Mum’s Era
Ergo Backpack Ponier
Manduca Ergo Backpack
Ring sling Manon Rouge


Peg-Perego Uno (they gave us, did not choose, very tenacious)
Hauck I’COO Peak Air (expensive, 2-in-1, shock absorbers, swing and tilt wheels, ATV, heavy)
Compact walking stick


Air conditioning equipment

Weather station with projection clock RST 32507
Air Purifier Energy-«Breeze» MK-2
Ultrasonic humidifier FANLINE GS398-B
Purifier-humidifier FANLINE Aqua VE500 (given to mom)
Hygrometer METEOMASTER Т-262213 (there is a wired outdoor sensor)
Mobile air conditioner Erisson EC-P10A3 (reduces it by a couple of degrees exactly, there is a heat and fan mode, my review)
Purifier-humidifier FANLINE Aqua VE500 (performance like ultrasonic)

Water filter

Water Doctor (we didn't like the water, it feels like it doesn't filter)
Jug Barrier (more to soothe the filter, not to clean it)
AquaPro AP-600P (reverse osmosis under the sink, normal, but more advise to take Atoll A-550m STD, almost the same, but better quality at the same price)


Braun M 1070
Moulinex HM 615130 Powermix (most it, stationary, large bowl 3 l!)


Panasonic MJ-W171 (great thing, squeezes to dry, there is a blender in the kit, the model is very old, but still on sale)


Hitachi RZ-RMA18Y (brought from Thailand, so it looks a little different, inexpensive, enough functionality)


Supra KES-1801 (took to the dacha, very cheap, but good, there is a thermostat, the lid after a while sticks from scale)
Bosch TWK 3 A 011 (just good and inexpensive)

Vacuum cleaner

Cheap cyclone
Samsung SC5155 (compact, on-pipe control, but the bag is small and needs to be changed frequently, works more than 5 years)


Bosch KGS 39X61 (large, 2 compressors, has been in operation for over 5 years)


Panasonic KX-TG2511 (for mother)
Panasonic KX-TG6611 (us)

P.S. If anyone has questions about certain things, ask. I also accept advice 🙂
P.P.S. Everything that is blue will still be specified before buying, that is, I cannot recommend it yet. But in the future I will update the list, so there will always be fresh info.