Think Tank photo bag video review - very convenient for the photographer

Not too long ago I did review of the photo backpack Kata 3N1-33, but after six months of operation, it still turned out to be not as versatile as I would like, and I cannot always use it alone. Therefore, I bought a Think Tank Photo Digital Holster 20 V2.0 (well, its name is long), which at the moment meets all my requirements and is suitable in cases where you cannot take a photo backpack with you. Despite the fact that there are many different options for carrying photographic equipment on the market now, it was quite difficult to find one that suits me specifically. I'm not a fan of all sorts of bags at all, because I like it when my hands are free, and that is why I have a weakness for backpacks..

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one. Which camera to choose for a novice photographer
2. What lens is needed for what and what to choose
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five. How to process photos in Lightroom and how to store them
6. An example of a photo bag and travel backpack
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Think Tank photo bag review

Life hack - when shopping on Aliexpress, you can get cashback up to 11% through the EPN service (they have a plug-in for the browser, an application for the phone). I wrote everything in great detail in my instructions, what it is and how to use it. Well, and Ali, you already know why you need it, there is a bunch of everything inexpensive for photographers.

My last photo bag from Lowepro fell apart in a year and a half and was really pulling on my shoulder due to the fact that there was a lot of stuff stuffed into it that was not needed during photography. I can't say anything about the new Think Tank bag in terms of its strength yet, you need to check with time. There are bags from Think Tank of a different size (but of the same model), I chose so to speak «vnatyag», so that it includes only the carcass with the lens (Canon 7d + 24-105L) and nothing more. What I liked about Think Tank products is that they use modular designs. You yourself can see what they have on the site..

Actually, this is the main feature of this bag - a case for the Think Tank Photo Lens Changer 25 V2.0 that attaches to the side. It can be hung not only at the end of a photo bag, but also on a jeans belt (or somewhere else). Cases come in different sizes for different lenses. In general, I can say that such a scheme, when the lenses hang on the belt, is much more convenient than everyone else, when they are inside photo bags or photo backpacks..

The second feature of the bag is that it has a lengthening bottom with a zipper. That is, if you unfasten the zipper, then a carcass with a wound telephoto will easily fit into the bag. Of course, not all telephoto cameras will fit, here you need to look at specific models. I don’t have a telephoto lens yet and it’s not relevant to me, but the 24-105L lens fits without lengthening.

Photo bag price ~ 3000 rubles.
Lens cover price ~ 1500 rubles.

Theoretically, you can make a similar modular design yourself from covers and bags from different companies bought on Aliexpress, because belt attachments and fastening the cover to the bag are not difficult to implement.

Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Review

Think Tank Photo Digital Holster Review

Think Tank photo bag video review

P.S. The bag is quite ordinary, but it seemed to me that it makes sense to talk about it because of these two of its features, which I personally really liked. The post, unfortunately, was not paid, although I would like to 🙂