Karon Noi beach near Le Meridien hotel is one of the best in Phuket

The short but wide beach at Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort is nice and pleasant in every way. The water and sand are clean, entry into the water and the depth are quite comfortable. The beach and hotel are surrounded by hills with tropical vegetation, so unlike the noisy Karona and Patong, there is a more intimate atmosphere.

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Beach description

Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort is located between the beaches Karon and Patong, between two low hills overgrown with trees. The beach of the hotel, thus, is located as if in a lagoon, on the sides, like walls, closed by green slopes. It is not more than 10 minutes drive from the hotel to Karon and Patong, but the place is quiet, there is usually no one here except the hotel guests.

The Le Meridien hotel has a large green area, a large swimming pool. The beach is about 250 meters long, small but very wide. The sand on the beach is white and fine, not very hot in the sun. The beach is cleaned regularly by hotel employees. The sea is clean, with clear water. Sometimes slightly biting plankton appears, but it is not dangerous and usually does not leave traces.

Entering the water, depth and waves

There are ebb tides, but not critical. Entry into the sea is comfortable, gentle, like on Karon. When the sea is calm, swimming on the beach is very convenient and pleasant, but at times there are waves, seemingly small, but strong. In this case, the current drags into the sea. Lifeguards are usually on duty at the beach, but they may not be there in the morning. So swim with caution during the waves..

Sun beds and shade

There is a shade under the palm trees along the beach, there are sun loungers there. Most of the beach is open to the sun, there is shade only in the morning and from the umbrellas above the sun loungers, which are exposed on the beach in several rows from the hotel.

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Taking into account the geographic nuances, Karon Noi has only the infrastructure that the only hotel on the beach offers. There is also a tayshop, a laundry and a gas station on the main road, but they are unlikely to be built for the guests of not the cheapest chain hotel..

Houses and hotels on the beach

If you want, you can book in advance the hotel Le Meredien or look for accommodation on other beaches - I have selection of hotels in Phuket with a good rating and reviews. In addition to the Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort itself, there are quite budget bungalows surrounded by greenery on the beach - Phuket Point Bungalow

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How to find the beach

Take a look at the map at the end of the post and copy the label to your Google Map navigator. Phuket is a very large island, so it won't be easy to find such cool places without a map and navigation. A few years ago, it was quite easy to walk to the beach of the Le Meridien hotel, because by law all beaches in Thailand are public, but recently the hotel staff is not very willing to let them into their territory. How lucky you are.

Beach Map

Karon Noi Beach (Le Meridien Hotel)

Karon Noi Beach (Le Meridien Hotel):