Moscow Estonia - useful information for travelers

About the trip itself Moscow Tallinn by car, I already wrote last time. And now, in one post, all the information that can be useful to all those who are going to travel to Estonia from Moscow by car. At least here is what I was looking for in my time.

Where to stay in Tallinn

Just in case, I picked up an apartment in the capital, you never know what. Since we were staying with relatives, they were not useful to us this time. Nevertheless, I share with you - City Heart Apartments and Estinn Apartment. Reviews are good, well located, in general you can recommend and book.

Info for the trip Moscow-Estonia

  • Estonian Embassy website: There is a list of all the documents you need..
  • Estonian visas cost 35 euros per person. You can obtain visas to Estonia yourself at the embassy, ​​having previously made an appointment (you can then skip the line).
  • The invitations have been canceled for the RF. It is necessary to indicate the contacts of the host person or hotel reservation.
  • I need medical insurance (600 rubles per person), here is mine TOP 10 insurance for Schengen.
  • Green card for the car (2450 rubles). All the nuances of green cards described in a post.
  • From Moscow it is better to go through the Kunichina Gora point, on the Estonian side it is Koidula. All this is near the town of Pechora. There is a toll road 100m long and costing 150r.
  • The fastest way to get from Moscow to Estonia is the New Riga M9, ​​along the route Moscow-Pustoshka-Ostrov-Palkino-Izborsk-Pechory-Kunichina Gora. Distance to the border is about 780 km. From the border of Koidula-Põlva-Tartu-Tallinn, 280 km. We arrived in total in 14 hours.
  • In the Tver region, the roads are bad, it is better to drive while it is light.
  • Time difference 1 hour.
  • Navitel conducts well in Russia, IGO 8 in Estonia. Although here someone likes something better. But I didn't like Navitel maps for Estonia.
  • Meat and dairy products cannot be transported across the border. Restriction on alcohol and cigarettes.
  • You need to refuel before the border, a full tank. There is a gas station just in front of the border.
  • On the way, you can eat at a TNK gas station (500-525 km from Mokva), they say the food is good. Hotdogs are found starting at 550 km (Pustoshka) and almost every 60 km.
  • A new system has been introduced at the Estonia-Russia border, its rules should be familiarized at the stand 800-1000m from the border point. Be sure to have a mobile phone with you, from which you can make calls. Call from your mobile to the number indicated on the stand, the camera records the number of your car. The fact that you are registered is indicated by the received SMS, but anything can happen! Next, you should wait when they call you and say that you can drive up to the border.
  • Estonian currency since 2011 - euro.
  • Better to change money at Swedenbank, normal rate. In the oldest city (Tallinn), the exchange rate is bad.
  • Speed ​​limits: on the highway maximum 90 km / h (rarely 110), in settlements 50 km / h. Better not to exceed, they say the fines are big.

On the map, you can see the route from Moscow to Tallinn in more detail.

P.S. About self-obtaining a Schengen French visa, I wrote here How to get a Schengen visa.