My review of the online accounting service My Business

For 3 years now I have been a user of My Business, after I became an individual entrepreneur. Here in this post I will write some points related to the service, which are not obvious at the very beginning. You can consider this as a kind of feedback on the work of the service. I will add information over time, and if you also have something to say, I will be glad to your comments, especially if you have been using it for a long time..

The content of the article

After registering an individual entrepreneur

Tax office details

After registering an individual entrepreneur (my step by step instructions on how to register) and before starting work, you need to clarify and check all the details in the service. To be honest, this is not very convenient, you somehow count on complete automatism. But on the other hand, everything is done simply and the service itself warns about this. In particular, you need to clarify the details of the tax inspection, you can do this here -

If anything, then everything was indicated correctly for me, I did not correct anything. Like others, I don’t know.

Registration number from the FIU

The registration number from the Pension Fund can be obtained by phone by calling your branch. It should be done not earlier than a couple of days after registration, otherwise it will not be in the database yet. All addresses of branches in Moscow are on the official website of the PFR. Or if there is time, then you can wait for a letter from the FIU, it will come somewhere in 2-3 weeks after the registration of the individual entrepreneur.

The service itself My business does not provide this number. More precisely, it can be taken from the extract of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, but more on that below..

Obtaining an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities

In fact, you can get an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities only once a month, but this is not mentioned anywhere. The fact is that by requesting an extract, the My Business service looks to see if it has it in the database, and if it does, it looks when it was received from the register. If it turns out that less than a month ago, then a new one is not requested from the registry, and you are given the one that is in the database at the moment.

Perhaps it will not be very convenient for someone, but the data in the statement rarely changes.

Submission of the declaration via the Internet

To be able to submit tax reports via the Internet, you will need to download a power of attorney form, sign it, and put your seal on it (that is, you will have to make your own seal for an individual entrepreneur). No notary required. Further, it is recommended to go to your tax office and give them one copy of the power of attorney, and put the FTS stamp on the second copy. This second copy needs to be loaded into the service. My case accepts a power of attorney without a stamp of the Federal Tax Service, but simply only with your seal, but then it does not guarantee that it will be possible to submit reports at the same time.

For other applications or sending notifications without leaving home, you need to get an EDS (digital signature), the procedure is not too complicated, but you will need to leave the house. You need a SP stamp and you need to transfer all documents to the partner of My business. Partners are changing, but now it is the post office of Russia and PonyExpress. That is, you have to go not far.

The entire sequence will be written in the wizard in your personal account, you will not get confused. But just keep in mind that you will need to do all these procedures one time..

In the process of working with the service My Business

My review or why is it all needed

In principle, having figured out all the nuances at the very beginning, having filled in all the necessary fields in the service, then you do not need to do anything special. But I have a simplified taxation system of 6%, when you only need to record income, although I keep records of expenses too. All the same, all statements are automatically downloaded from my bank, where settlement account of individual entrepreneur open. Thus, KUDIR is automatically conducted in the service itself..

I store acts and invoices both in the service and in paper form (originals with signatures). I really like that I always have ready-made templates at hand (not all contractors have their own forms), and it takes literally a minute to issue an invoice / act. I do not argue, all the forms can be found on the Internet, but for me personally it is easier when there is a service and everything is there. Or, for example, if something has changed, such as the amount of contributions to the Pension Fund, then again I have to look for what and how. Or, I remember somehow the KVK codes were changed, I would even have guessed to find out about this, and the service took everything into account.

Quotes My Business>

I already have a lot of different cases related to business, I also don’t want to deal with searching for forms or calculating taxes. Such things must be delegated, it is impossible to do everything at all. On the contrary, it is more important to highlight the main thing that only you can and should do, and shift everything else to the maximum. This is one of the most important rules of time management. Yes, and the service costs quite adequate money.

My review of the service My Business

My review of the service My Business

Sometimes I have questions and I seek advice from the accountants of My Business (free consultations are included in my tariff). Again, this is easier than looking for answers on the forums or ordering separate paid consultations. Look at how much one consultation costs a normal specialist, and if you need 5-10 of them a year, this immediately overlaps the cost of my tariff. Where do I get this need from, you ask? I am constantly changing and testing various affiliate programs, including foreign exchange ones, and every time some questions pop up.

But I am not trying to persuade you at all, you can do without this service and do everything yourself. If there is time, then why not. However, it is still convenient when everything is done for you, especially if you are in another country. You just need to sometimes glance at the service calendar or in the mail (notifications come there), so as not to miss some action, like payment of taxes or contributions to the FIU. In general, the coolest thing is the ability to file a tax return without leaving home online (I did this a few days ago while in Bangkok). Initially, this is why I was looking for an accounting service.


Alternatively, consider Contour Elbe, which is preferred by some. Although by and large there are no more options, there are only 2 normal services. In Elba, prices are slightly lower, but the devil will break his leg in their tariffs, personal accounts and a huge number of sites. I honestly tried to figure it out somehow (I promised to test and compare in the comments), tried to get a certificate for Diadoc, but after several weeks of pressing a bunch of buttons on various sites, calls to technical support, in which no one knows anything, I scored. My Business, too, is not a direct role model, but somehow it turned out to be easier for me to understand and the technical support always answered quickly and to the point. Here it may depend on the mentality or on luck, I don't know. Nobody bothers to try both.

Rates Kontur Elba>

Please note that now both services have an inexpensive tariff only for filing reports with the tax office. Personally, it would not have been enough for me, and I still need accounting advice sometimes, so for me My Business is cheaper than a similar tariff for Kontur. Once upon a time, Konur was cheaper, but he also raised prices, so there is no particular difference in terms of price now. In general, see for yourself.

P.S. I remind you that Moe Delo has a cool free IP registration wizard, I highly recommend him. Everything is painted there in steps, from and to. And registration does not oblige you to anything, you can then use another service, or do everything yourself. He helped me a lot to prepare the documents and fill out the correct application..