Ao Sane Beach - a secret beach near Nai Harn

Ao Sein is a small beach in the jungle, which is hidden just to the north Nai Harn beach, in the same bay. The beach is rocky, the length of Ao Sein is no more than 200 meters, but the degree of charm and addiction is very great here - having come here once, you will absolutely want to come back again.

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Beach description

Despite the fact that the beach is small and there is only one rather difficult road leading to it from the Royal Yacht Club Phuket, which is located by the beach Nai Harn, it is constantly crowded with fans of sunbathing and natural beauty.

At the end of the road, already on the outskirts of the beach, there is a parking lot, which in any season is constantly occupied by the transport of people vacationing in Ao Sana. If you want to be here in relative comfort, you will have to get up early. There is hardly anyone here in the morning.

Entering the water, depth and waves

The shore goes under the water with a rather steep slope, therefore, already five meters from the shore, the depth comes up to the neck. About ten meters from the surf line, there is smooth, clean sand under the water, forming a bathing patch in the center of the beach. Then stones and corals begin, but you cannot reach them with your feet. Waves happen frequently due to the depth of the beach.

Sun beds and shade

Previously, there were no sun beds or umbrellas, but civilization is advancing and now they are here. The shadows on Ao Sana are created by trees, hanging with their crowns over a large part of the sandy strip. Finding a place in this shadow is not always possible, due to the abundance of people. To do this, it is best to come to the beach early in the morning..

Also, you must definitely take beach accessories with you. The water on the beach is clear and ideal for snorkeling. Through water channels you can get to nearby Nai Harn beach.

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Beach photo

Ao Sane Beach - a secret beach near Nai Harn

Ao Sane Beach - a secret beach near Nai Harn

Ao Sane Beach - a secret beach near Nai Harn

Ao Sane Beach - a secret beach near Nai Harn

Ao Sane Beach - a secret beach near Nai Harn

Ao Sein Beach, Phuket

Ao Sein Beach, Phuket

Ao Sane Beach - a secret beach near Nai Harn

Ao Sane Beach - a secret beach near Nai Harn

Ao Sane Beach - a secret beach near Nai Harn


There is little entertainment on the beach. The sand strewn with stones does not allow for active sports games. Along the edges of Ao San, there are primitive bungalows and shops that make it look like an abandoned, secluded village. There is a toilet and shower halfway from the restaurant in the hamlet.

Ao San is a nature beach that is much nicer here than the neighboring beach. Nai Harn. There are no motor boats, no kayaks, or other water recreation attractions..

You won't even find pesky beach vendors here, although on Christmas and New Years this beach turns into one big party, where local music groups work for vacationers..

There are only a few attractions near the beach: the Buddhist temple-monastery Nai Harn Monastery, Lake Nai Harn (a central place for active sports entertainment) and observation deck Windmill near the windmills, but it will be difficult to get there on foot, since uphill.

Houses and hotels on the beach

It is difficult to settle on the beach, the bungalows are usually already occupied, but within 20 minutes of the way there are hotels on the Nai Harn beach, where a wide range of accommodation is presented from 700 baht to 6500 baht per day.

On a high hillside, above the beach, terraces are located modern bungalows Baan Krating Phuket Resort with Thai motives in the interiors and the use of natural materials. About halfway between Ao Sein and Nai Harn is an interesting option for budget travelers - the simple yet enjoyable Naiharn On The Rock .

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How to find the beach

If you are facing the sea on Nai Harn, then you need to move to the right side of the beach. There will be a Le Royal Meridien hotel, so you have to drive through it. This is normal, you will not have any obstacles. After the hotel up the hill and then down to Ao Sein Beach, don't miss.

Beach Map

Ao Sein Beach Map

Ao Sein Beach Map: