Which is better, a car rental in Thailand or a bike?

I've been driving here for the second week in a car on Koh Samui, and I just can't figure out what's wrong. I like and dislike it, although the car should seem to be a more comfortable means of transportation. In general, some conclusions can already be drawn. I share 🙂

To begin with, I want to say that I have enough driving experience, after all, I have been driving for 13 years already: I ​​had to work on a car at one time, I went to Europe, and I rode around Russia. This I mean, I feel pretty confident behind the wheel, despite the right hand drive and left-hand traffic.

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Pros and cons of renting a car in Thailand

All information regarding rent a car in Thailand, I already laid out. And also laid out the nuances rentals through local distributors (Samui), and at booking a car with large network companies (Bangkok). After reading these articles, you will get answers to almost all of your questions related to this topic..


  • Safely. In the event of an accident, there is a better chance of surviving or even getting off with a slight fright.
  • Much safer with children. You can ride a bike with children, but it is much safer in a car, because even a slight fall can be fatal for a child. Plus no one distracts the driver or tries to jump off on the go.
  • It's easier to travel with a large company. Up to 4 people in general can comfortably ride in any sedan / hatchback. And the Thais manage to score 10 people each.
  • Large trunk. When traveling to a market or hypermarket, you can stock up on the full program. It is relevant if you have children, you live far away and you don’t want to go to the store every 3 days.
  • High speed on the track. Of course, motorcycles can reach a decent speed, but I personally, as probably many others, prefer to drive a car at a speed of 100-120.
  • Long distance travel. Here the car is generally out of competition, comfortable, fast, you can take a lot of things, weather conditions are not a hindrance, you can take a nap in the car.
  • Driver's license. Usually everyone has a category B and it takes a couple of hours to get international law for it. By the way, some even drive with national rights, but this does not always work..
  • You can and should book a car through Economybookings (it is cheaper through it than directly). The bike cannot be ordered online.


  • Rent price. Cars cost in Thailand from 800-1200 baht per day, or from 10-20 thousand per month. To buy a car is more expensive than in Russia because of the dollar exchange rate, but the state will be better, it is well preserved in such a climate.
  • Not economical. Gasoline costs ~ 30 baht / l, and a car eats 8-15 liters per hundred.
  • Expensive renovation. If suddenly something, then the car and maintenance and repair is more expensive than a bike.
  • More deposit. When renting a car, they can ask for a deposit, freeze money on the card (if through large offices), etc., and it will be more than a deposit for a bike. Plus sometimes more pieces of paper are required.
  • Difficult parking. It is not always possible to stick to where you can easily stand on the bike..
  • Sightseeing is not convenient. This is a variation of the previous point, more on that below..
  • Low speed in the city. If this is a city and the road is narrow, then the bike is much easier to ride. Sometimes you drag your car slower than bikes.
  • Tracking the traffic situation. Bikers strive to get under the wheels, especially farangs. On a bike, it seems to me a little easier to track what is happening, and you also expect that car drivers are watching you..
  • Right hand drive. For those who find it difficult to adapt to new conditions, it can be very unusual.
Car rental in Thailand

Car rental in Thailand

Pros and cons of renting a bike in Thailand

About scooter rental in Thailand and managing it, I have already written. If you need information, read the link.


  • Cheap. Renting in Thailand will cost somewhere between 150-300 baht per day and 3-4 thousand per month, available to almost everyone. Plus, you can easily buy it, new ones cost 40-50 thousand, and used ones are 20 thousand in general.Repair is also quite inexpensive..
  • Economical. Eats 3 liters per hundred.
  • Nimble and small. It will crawl through everywhere, where the car will not pass, it will park everywhere, you can go slowly, you can quickly. Inspecting the surrounding area or driving to the next 7/11 is very, very convenient. I wanted to stop, I just did it. The same with the U-turn..
  • No parking needed. In fact, you don't need any special place..
  • Driver's license is not conditionally required. And although officially the rights of category A are needed, but in reality most of the farangs drive without them. It is also not difficult to obtain these rights directly in Thailand..
  • Romantic. Wind, a sense of involvement in the movement, etc. Those who like to ride a bike will understand.


  • Dangerous. Road accidents involving bikes are the most common. Almost all of my acquaintances have fallen at least once.
  • Dependence on weather conditions. The rain whipping into the glass of the helmet and wet clothes is not a joy to anyone. Here you can also add insects, beating in the helmet and hands, little pleasant. And driving in the rain is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous..
  • Dependence on the time of day. It's more dangerous to drive in the dark than during the day.
  • Sensitivity to road surface. If you can slip a hole by car, then you can fly into a ditch on a bike.
  • Small trunk. The trunk of the bike is scanty, sometimes it saves a hook in the legs, where you can hang something, but still it cannot be compared with a car. There's nowhere to put a stroller, a couple of durians from the market, or a branch of coconuts. That is, you can adapt, but you won't go so long..
  • More expensive medical insurance, as you need to cover riding the bike, which usually comes in a separate package. All about insurance here.
Rent a bike in Thailand

Rent a bike in Thailand


In fact, my conclusion is this, regarding the movement within the resorts: if you go somewhere to a specific place, then it is quite convenient to go by car. But, if you just go to look around, look for a store or something interesting along the way, then this is some kind of hard labor. The road is narrow, it is difficult to stop, because the stream is following you, often you just fly by, because it is somehow not ethical to drive very slowly. I tried to drive a car just to look around without a goal, I slipped through so many interesting things, because it is not always convenient to turn around ...

But if you are driving on the highway, on the contrary, a car and only a car. He traveled perfectly by car in the north of Thailand, turning circles around Chiang Mai, perfectly getting from Bangkok to Krabi, Phuket and back. Moreover, along the way, stopping by all sorts of national parks, resorts along the way. I even slept in the car once, got tired and stopped to doze for several hours, very convenient.

When choosing between a bike or a car, most often people are guided by the price. But I would still think about driving safety. I know that thousands of people ride a bike, but those are less for me. Who decides this for himself, it all depends on personal preference, budget, fears and experience. So, in fact, it is these two factors that are decisive for most people, the choice is yours.

What is better car or bike?

Which is better car or bike?

P.S. I advise that I won't rent, I like the thrill of riding a bike myself, but with a child or for long hauls, I personally always choose a car.