Double-entry Thai visa in Moscow - personal experience (no longer issued!)

Well, now I also have such an experience, and a positive one. And how many conversations I remember was that it is difficult to obtain a Thai visa in Moscow, and even more so a double one, do it necessarily in Malaysia or Laos, blah blah blah ...

We have several articles on the blog about Thai visas, so we will assume that the person reading these lines is in the subject. For those who are not in the know, first of all, you should read other articles, there are all the details..

The content of the article

Registration of a double Thai visa in Moscow

general information

On November 13, 2015, the double-entry visa to Thailand was canceled (the one-time visa remained). Instead of her now half-year multivisa without the right to renew, but with an unlimited number of exits / entrances within six months for 60 days. Details on the link.

This post is out of date and is not updated anymore. Here general post about visas / stamps in Thailand and all the nuances and a separate post about registration of one-shot.

Double entry visa means: 60 days + 30 days extension for 1900 baht on site + departure / entry into the country + 60 days + 30 days extension for 1900 baht. Total we receive 180 days of stay in Thailand.

A visa issued by a consulate in Moscow is given with an entry corridor of 180 days. It is very convenient, you can not just make a border run between crates to the border and back, but fly somewhere for a couple of months. The corridor starts from the date the visa was issued, that is, you have 6 months from the moment you receive your passport at the consulate to enter Thailand twice. You can enter at least on the last day, it doesn't matter, the main thing is before the date indicated on the visa. In Laos and Malaysia, the corridor is given only 3 months, that is, the second entry must be done in time.

Do I need a visa to Thailand, stamps for 30 days, how to make a visa and where, validity and duration of stay, how much to pay for an overstay, whether to make a visa for children, and so on - All about Thailand visas

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What does a double look like

This time I decided to try to apply for a double-entry visa. So far, we don't really need it, we are going only for a couple of months, but suddenly we will be late, so we wanted to play it safe. In addition, in one of the comments to the article about obtaining a single-entry visa in Moscow, just recently a person said that he had received a visa on only left armor.

And here is the hero of the occasion, welcome - a double-entry Thai visa:

Double entry Thai visa in Moscow

Double entry Thai visa in Moscow

Consular fee, processing time

Consular fee - single entry visa $ 40, multivisa $ 200. It used to be accepted in rubles, but now it is accepted only in dollars. Cash, strictly no change, only not torn, not wrinkled bills and not older than 2006, and also does not accept bills of $ 100. That is, even if there are three of you and the collection for all $ 120, then you need to give in smaller ones. Just in case, it is better to invest $ 40 in each passport, otherwise there were cases that they did not want to accept $ 50 bills.

The processing time is usually on the 3rd working day. That is, if you hand over the documents on Monday, then on Wednesday you will already get it in your hands. But in the peak months (November-December-January) they can increase up to 4 days. The entrance corridor opens on the day of submission of visa documents.

Consulate opening hours

Be sure to read about Thai Consulate opening hours, there is a queue for coupons. In the same post there is a route map, a map and a photo of the embassy for better recognition..

List of documents that I have submitted

UPDATE. Since October 2013, there is no need to translate documents and notarize the translation; you can submit them to the embassy in Russian (in Moscow). Info verified personally! The embassy's website has simply not been updated yet. Also, since 2014, the consular fee is accepted in rubles, and not in dollars..

  • International passport + copy of the main page. The period of validity must be at least 6 months at the time of application.
  • Completed visa application form. Application form and sample filling. Completed in English and indicated the period of stay 3 months.
  • Photo 3x4, 3 years old, pasted on the questionnaire. That is, not 4x6, as requested at the embassy.
  • Certificate from the bank about the availability of 40,000 baht per family (official requirement on the consulate website). But, there is an unspoken requirement that it is better to show at least 60,000 baht per person for two times in order to prove your solvency. I showed a large amount, so I don't know what the lower limit is in practice. The reference currency is not important, the amount needs to be equivalent. Just keep in mind that the baht has not been equal to the ruble for a long time, that is, 60 thousand baht in rubles is 120 thousand (depending on what course is today). An account statement in Alfa-Bank costs 240 rubles, in TCS it is free.
  • A copy of the Russian passport, because it was the Russian internal passport that was indicated in the certificate from the bank. If you ask to issue a certificate for the data of a foreign passport, then a copy of the Russian one will most likely not be needed..
  • The ticket Moscow-Bangkok is real paid and the booking of a return ticket Bangkok-Moscow is 40 days after arrival. When I bought a ticket for a charter (MSK-BKK) in a travel agency, they themselves offered me to draw the opposite on the same form. In fact, this is just a piece of paper with departure dates, no stamps. Moreover, they also told me that tickets are issued for a charter the day before departure, but for now this is a booking with a tour operator, so the consulate will not have any way to check them in any case. This I mean that the reality of my paid ticket could not be verified either..
  • For the second krat, the Moscow-Bangkok-Moscow reservation made through This second trip to Tai should supposedly take place a week after the first trip (after the first krat). Return ticket to Moscow 40 days after arrival. The armor said that it would last for 9 days. The booking was from the Qatar airline and using the booking code (it will come in a letter from you could go to the airline's website and print the itinerary receipt. However, I recommend doing the second time not to your homeland, but somewhere to a neighboring country, it will look much more believable..
List of documents at the consulate of Thailand

List of documents at the consulate of Thailand

Thai Consulate opening hours

Thai Consulate opening hours

Documents for Daria

The same documents as for me, only instead of a certificate from the account, I wrote her a sponsorship letter in English and attached a copy of my bank statement and my passport. Now you can write a letter in Russian. It is written by hand and in free form, which indicates that she is my wife and I will pay all her expenses during this period of stay in Thailand. «I, surname name, passport number, sponsor my wife surname name, passport number, and I will pay all her expenses from such and such to such and such».

Alternatively, you can simply make a statement from your wife's account so that you don't write anything. To whom is it easier.

Documents for the child

I did not make a visa for it, because children under 14 years old can live according to stamps with overstays (details in general post about visas). Children are not fined for overstay (checked personally!). The son flew without a visa and with an unpaid return ticket reservation just in case. But this is not advice to do this, in principle, 3000 rubles is not too much of a reason for saving, given that everything has been tightened since 2014. But again, I probably would not make a visa for Yegor right now..

By the way, not so long ago, after his big overstay, Yegor received a Schengen visa without any problems..

If you do a visa, then all the same documents are on the list. You will only need a birth certificate and a copy, a sponsorship letter to cover all travel costs, a copy of my bank statement and my passport.

Some moments

A copy of the documents, if you suddenly forgot, can be made in the Volga hotel, which is located almost opposite the embassy. If you exit the doors of the embassy, ​​then you need to turn left, walk 100 meters, and the high-rise building on the right is the hotel. They do it right in the lobby, 10 rubles per sheet.

On the contrary, across the Garden Ring, there is a Sberbank, which has an ATM and currency exchange.

Come to the embassy early. The first time I came half an hour before closing time and did not have time, there was a long queue. In the fall, a lot of people travel, plus travel agencies come to register.

For how long to make reservations

Remember, there is a risk that this feature will stop working for you. But in theory, you risk nothing, except for a visa refusal or a refusal to accept documents (most likely, the docks will not accept). At the moment, the reservations of all 4 tickets are being rolled, but officially real and paid round-trip tickets are needed. Intermediate tickets, according to an embassy employee, can be just reservations.

Once again, to make it clearer. You need 4 tickets / reservations: two to Thailand, and two from Thailand. Moreover, tickets from Thailand can be to any country, not necessarily to Russia (even better, if not to Russia).

When you make reservations for air tickets, it does not matter at all how many days you have booked for each time. The main thing is to take a period from 31 to 90 days. Because if it is less than 31 days, then why do you need a visa, a stamp will suffice, and if more than 90 days, then you cannot. Therefore, feel free to book tickets, laying 60 days (a certain average figure) for each time. For example, fly on October 1st from Moscow to Bangkok, and 60 days later, on November 29th, fly to Kuala Lumpur, stay there for 2 weeks. Then fly back to Bangkok on December 15, stay in Tai for about 60 more days, and from Bangkok around February 11 you fly to Moscow or again to Kuala Lumpur. Something like this. For those who want to buy air tickets, I recommend and, we use them ourselves.

When specifying the length of stay in the country in the questionnaire, indicate what happened with your ticket reservations in order to correspond.

P.S. Transaero was not interested in whether we have return tickets. The border guards in Bangkok were also not interested in anything, and in particular they did not ask why we have visas, but Yegor does not.

P.P.S. Good luck to everyone in obtaining visas!